SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive homebrew platformer ‘Tanglewood’ announced

Fans won’t let old SEGA hardware die, this new homebrew comes from Big Evil Corporation, who is slowly revealing aspects of the game as time goes on. I guess they really are evil, huh?

While they are just showing a small clip of the main character, Nymm, walking through selected areas; the developer has already promised a lot of the game. The game is set to be influenced by games such as Abe’s Odyssey, Another World and Flashback. If you click the short clip above it will show you their night/day system that they plan on using. This system will tie-in with puzzles throughout the game.

We will keep you updated here at SEGAbits about anymore information about Tanglewood , but what do you guys think so far?

[Via: Retrocollect]


4 responses to “SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive homebrew platformer ‘Tanglewood’ announced

  1. bertodecosta says:

    I like the graphic and art. Still wondering about the gameplay, though.

  2. Chris says:

    Wow, this look awsome! I love foxes, love sidescrollers, love flashback and most of all I love Sega 16-bit :).
    Hope it gets good, looking forward to see more from it :).

  3. Djawed says:

    Nice gameplay

  4. cussypat says:

    Marsupilami mod. Im almost sure

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