Fan making an attempt at Shenmue in HD – Yokosuka never looked so good

While we wait for SEGA to rerelease Shenmue in HD, a project that has long been rumored to be in development, a Korean fan by the internet handle of NcoonKid has taken it upon himself to remake the original Shenmue. The process which NcoonKid is taking involves extracting the original environments, updating textures, and utlizing the Unreal Engine to give the game a modern look and feel. The video above certainly shows off an impressive remake of Yokosuka, but given the time, money, and amount of manpower that went into the original Shenmue, it is uncertain how far one person can go in remaking such a big game. Still, it’s a very cool effort, and if it doesn’t amount to anything else we at least have had our glimpse at what a modern day Shenmue would look like.

After the break, check out an expanded interpretation of the You Arcade.


5 responses to “Fan making an attempt at Shenmue in HD – Yokosuka never looked so good

  1. Fernandeath says:

    I can already imagine next week’s post at Segabits:

    “Sega sues shenmue HD creators

    Hit the jump to know how much they’re asking

    $1.25 million!!”

  2. RegalSin says:

    I think the guy should have shut his mouth and just do it, and then blab about it. Unreal engine does not really matter all which engine is used. From my understanding it is open source and one of the few Microsoft freindly enviorments. I honestly would prefer a Shenmue clone rather then another random person attempting to do Shenmue. At least be original for crying in the mud.

  3. Don’t be so certain. Sega has reached out to the community in the past. We got modern shot-for-shot remakes of Sonic CD, Sonic 1, and Sonic 2 via Christian Whitehead as a result.

  4. Aki-at says:

    Calling SEGA shameful behaviour towards Aliens? No problem or how they mistreated the Sonic IP? Again fine or even when Mitzuguchi/United Game Artists was accused of steal the design of Ulala? Valid point. Anger towards IP protection? Non-sensical.

    First of all SEGA has to shot down fanmade projects, they need to protect their IPs. They only act if they are contacted by the makers of the fangames and then have to act. Without acting it would seem their IP is free to use, they must do this to protect the IP or else anyone else can start selling their products as commercial properties. Read up on copyright law. Why do you think Sonic fangames have gotten away with it for over a decade? Because they have never reached out to SEGA and are pleasantly ignored and some of those fangames are bigger success than the SoR remake ever was.

    (I’d also like to add this is not solely an issue with SEGA, if you feel so greatly about this you should avoid most video game companies)

    Secondly what you heard was lies, complete and utter lies. That or you are severely misunderstanding what the report said.

    SEGA Sammy intended to raise an additional 60 billion yen however have now decided that only 0.6 billion yen is required. They have not reduced money to use, this would be fairly silly for a corporation involved in the construction of new resorts, AAA games and so on, they have decided not to raise the additional 60 billion, most likely due to the resort complex deal being delayed.

    Before you counteract, SEGA has over $2 billion in cash reserves, more than Sony, Ubisoft, TakeTwo etc they are not going anywhere any time soon and they are finally making regular profits again without the help of the Sammy side of the business.

    Please if you wish to respond, post some facts/links to counter act my points. I have seen Omiettes point on the official SEGA forums and they are all incorrect or negative spin for headlines.

  5. RegalSin says:

    Yeah SEGA uhmm What is Bombergames e-mail again??? I was thinking about hiring them…

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