Sonic the Hedgehog to crossover into Monster Hunter 4G

Have you ever played Monster Hunter game and thought that there just wasn’t enough Sonic the Hedgehog items in the game? Don’t worry, SEGA and Capcom have you covered with this crossover. You can get more information on Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4G site, this is being listed as ‘DLC’.

This will be a bonus costume and weapon for your Felyne companion in the game, so it isn’t some sort of major crossover. Yep, that sword is from Sonic and the Black Knight. Seems that SEGA still wants to let us know the game exist.

Monster Hunter 4G is the enhanced edition of Monster Hunter 4 and will be released in Japan this fall on the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be released in the West early 2015 as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


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