First 4 Figures Dr. Robotnik up for pre-order – wait, so it’s not Dr. Eggman anymore?


First 4 Figures is back again with a new classic era Sonic the Hedgehog statue up for pre-order, this time the star is Sonic’s nemesis Dr. Robotnik. Yup, you heard that right, apparently SEGA gave the okay for F4F to use the old name that they’ve pushed aside for the past 13 years. The statue is selling for $399.99 and is expected to release Q2 2015. If the price gave you a small heart attack, F4F has a flexipay option in which fans pay 3 monthly payments – two at $100 and a final payment of $199. The statue is also enormous, measuring 22″ tall, and 19″ wide. F4F also notes “Dr. Robotnik’s package also includes an additional set of hands. As well as the open palms to replicate his signature classic pose, the package includes an additional 2 hands, each holding a Chaos Emerald, in call back to the classic ‘Try Again’ screen at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog 1. These can be swapped out or mixed with the other hands depending on the collector’s preference.” You can pre-order at the official F4f site. Now the question is, what’s next? Classic Amy Rose perhaps?

Regarding the name, while I know many Western Sonic fans grew up with Dr. Robotnik, I do find the decision to be a bit odd. Mainly because I always saw the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Saturday morning cartoon design to be Dr. Robotnik, while the in-game version had a weird disconnect from the Robotnik name. With Sonic Generations poking fun at the old Robotnik name (“Nobody calls me that anymore!”) and the Jazwares action figures labeling the character as Dr. Eggman, it’s inconsistent with the brand to go back to the Dr. Robotnik name. Ah well, it’s a bigass statue and that’s good enough for me!


2 responses to “First 4 Figures Dr. Robotnik up for pre-order – wait, so it’s not Dr. Eggman anymore?

  1. Gagaman says:

    This is really unfair: it looks amazing but the size and price of it makes it a complete joke. Barely anyone has the money for the shelf space for this, if it was the same price and size as the others I’d be all over it but as is this annoys me to no end as I know I could never possibly own this.

  2. Hitrax says:

    Nice but Bit extravagant, they have time to do this too, even though a Lan Di stat was the highest polled request and they still can’t seem to get that done after nearly 2 years.

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