First 4 Figures reveals Amy Rose statue

First 4 Figures has unveiled the Amy Rose resin statue on Twitter, which will be available for pre-order on November 8th to commemorate the release of Sonic Frontiers. The team used the Sonic Advance Yuji Uekawa design as a base for the statue, even coming equipped with her Piko-Piko Hammer. An exclusive and definitive edition will also come with an interchangeable hand that features a miniature Pink Amy Chao. More details will be revealed at later dates, and you can sign up for the email letter to get notifications or follow First4Figures on Twitter for when more info drops.

First4Figures reveals Sonic 30th Anniversary statue

First4Figures dropped a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 30th anniversary resin statue. With more information releasing on April 5th, the trailer shows a quick glimpse of the statue: with Sonic doing the iconic run through the goal ring and a 30th anniversary pop-art logo (reminiscent of all the previous press pictures seen). Pre-orders will be avaiable after the stream, with a giveaway contest being promoted to win a figure. Be sure to tune into the F4F Youtube page on April 5 for more information!

Unboxing: Sonic The Hedgehog PVC Statue by First 4 Figures

First 4 Figures have launched the first in a new series of affordable painted PVC statues. Featuring classic Sonic next to an iconic star post, the statue is sure to catch the attention of old and new fans. But how does it compare to the company’s resin statues? Check out our unboxing and video review!

Thanks to SEGA and F4F for a review sample – Pick one up for yourself at the links below:
Standard | Deluxe

First 4 Figures shows off their amazing Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary figure

The people over at First 4 Figures making some amazing, quality figures that can be rather expensive (quality costs money) and it seems they have out did themselves with their latest Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary figure. You can see the scale of the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary figure above and the figure is HUGE! So huge, I capitalized huge. How huge is that? The Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary figure goes for pre-order on June 6th and will cost you a cool $384.99! A figure for the serious collectors.

If you want to see more of the statue, the guys over at First 4 Figures will have a live stream on June 6th:

  • 7:00am (California)
  • 10:00am (New York),
  • 3:00pm (London)
  • 4:00pm (Germany)
  • 10:00pm (Hong Kong)

First 4 Figures will also be giving away reward points, if you follow these instructions on their facebook page. First 4 Figures also has a wide array of other SEGA IP premium figures on their website; including Shenmue, Virtua Fighter, Jet Set Radio and even Skies of Arcadia. So if the blue blur isn’t for you, you should check out what other SEGA IPs they have done figures for.  What do you guys think of this Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary figure? Are you picking up one? Let us know in the comments below.

First 4 Figures reveals Silver the Hedgehog statue, now available for pre-order


“It’s no use!” Now that we got that out of the way… First 4 Figures has revealed their latest statue in their modern Sonic the Hedgehog line: Silver the Hedgehog! Due out in the third quarter of 2017, Silver is set to come in two editions: a light up Exclusive Edition for $284.99 and a standard edition priced at $249.99. Those who pre-order the Exclusive Edition on day one, within 24 hours of the pre-order launch, will receive an additional signature card signed by First 4 Figures Creative Director Alex Davis, a DAY ONE Edition hologram sticker and additional First 4 Figures rewards points. Pre-orders are open now, and are only available until March 7th, 2017.

Interestingly, and maybe this is not new to First 4 Figures but it is new to me, they have 3 month and 8 month payment plan options for those who can’t afford plunking down $250+ all at once. Unfortunately it looks like previous statues do not have the payment plan option.

First 4 Figures tease Yakuza Kazuma Kiryu statue and pre-order information


Video game statue maker First 4 Figures, who have already produced several SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog premium collectable statues, have announced a new SEGA character and franchise that they will be adding to their ever expanding SEGA All-Stars collection; Yakuza‘s Kazuma Kiryu.

Teased on their Facebook page, First 4 Figures announced that pre-orders start March 8th, 2016 and featured a peek at Kazuma’s face. Thus far, fan reaction has been mixed. It is cool to see Yakuza joining the ranks of Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia, but they really didn’t nail Kazuma’s likeness. As is, he sort of looks like a cosplayer attempting a Kazuma Kiryu look. In the past, First 4 Figures have taken fan feedback very seriously and have altered character’s faces to better match the source.

We’ll share more details once pre-orders go live on March 8th!

First 4 Figures seeking feedback on Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary statue concept


For the past few months First 4 Figures, creators of high quality and high priced Sonic and SEGA statues, have been teasing a Sonic the Hedgehog statue to celebrate next year’s 25th anniversary. Today, on the First 4 Figures Facebook page, the company has shared a concept sketch of the statue and are asking for fan feedback. Those who have followed First 4 Figures in the past know full well that they take feedback very seriously, often making major changes to statues to satisfy fans. The proposed Sonic 25th anniversary statue features Sonic playing a Dreamcast Sonic game on an item monitor. The base appears to be set in Green Hill Zone, much like the first Sonic statue and the 20th anniversary statue were. The reason Sonic isn’t playing a Genesis/Mega Drive? First 4 Figures explained “We thought that as an anniversary piece, we wanted to try and touch on multiple eras in a single piece rather than making it strictly classic. The thought is well received though!”. As for the Green Hill Zone base, First 4 Figures sound open to changing it, as they are aware that that location has been done far too many times already.

After the break, hear my thoughts on the piece and check out the full piece of concept art.

First 4 Figures wants your ideas for a Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary figure


First 4 Figures is asking on Facebook for ideas for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary statue. If you ever had a big idea for high quality Sonic the Hedgehog figurine, then you should probably post it up on their Facebook.

What would your ideal 25th anniversary statue look like? Throw your ideas/wish lists our way! There’s only a few things you need to keep in mind:

-Classic Sonic is to be the main focus, but don’t let that stop you from including other things from his history such as classic items.

-The statue needs to be as all-encompassing as possible

First 4 Figures previously did a 20th anniversary figure that sadly was only available to SEGA employees, this time around everyone will be able to buy the 25th anniversary figure. HA! Take that, SEGA employees!

First 4 Figures reveals SEGA All-Stars NiGHTS statue


First 4 Figures have expanded their SEGA All-Stars range of statues with Sonic Team’s NiGHTS, sporting the more recent NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams design. The statue is 12.5″ high and comes in two flavors, the standard edition priced at $209.99 and limited to 1,000 pieces, and the exclusive edition with ambient lighting priced at $234.99 and limited to 500 pieces. Both are due for a Q3 2015 release date and can pre-ordered today!

What do you think of the latest SEGA All-Stars statue? Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer the original Saturn NiGHTS design.

First 4 Figures teases their upcoming NiGHTS figure


First 4 Figures has teased this image on their Facebook, giving their fans a small taste of whats to come. If you haven’t heard of First 4 Figures, they make high quality video game figures in limited quantities. They dabble in Nintendo, Capcom and of course SEGA figures. I think my personally favorites are their Skies of Arcadia Vyse figure, Beat from Jet Set Radio, Akria from Virtua Fighter 5, and of course Ryo from Shenmue.

Not only are First 4 Figures known for their quality, but they are also known for their high price tags. Don’t be surprised if this figure goes on sale for over $200 dollars.

First 4 Figures Sonic & Tails Tornado diorama pre-orders open


Last week, First 4 Figures teased a very cool Sonic & Tails Tornado statue which was the second in their Sonic Diorama line. Today, pre-orders have officially opened, and we now have a whole slew of photos, the dimensions, the expected release date, and most importantly – the price! Selling for $299.99 the diorama measures 17.5” tall x 14” long x 14” wide, is limited to 1000 pieces, and is expected to release Q4 2015 (the pre-order page accidentally lists “Q4 2014”). There is also an exclusive version, priced at $329.99, limited to 425 pieces, and featuring the inclusion of LEDs to give the rocket booster a flashing effect.

As you can see in the photos, found on the First 4 Figures pre-order page, the statue is a real beauty and is sure to be a hit with classic Sonic fans. But is it worth the asking price? Are you planning to pre-order the latest diorama? Sound off in the comments section!

First 4 Figures teases Sonic & Tails Tornado diorama statue


The First 4 Figures Facebook page is teasing an upcoming statue in the Sonic Diorama series of statues. Dubbed “The Tornado”, this impressive piece is to feature Sonic, Tails, and the Tornado bi-plane. Pre-orders are set to open Tuesday 10th Feb 2015 at Though no price is known yet, the previous Sonic Generations diorama sold for $299.99 and measured 12” x 10” x 12”. Let the countdown begin!

First 4 Figures SEGA All-Stars statue line expands to include Jet Set Radio’s Beat – pre-orders now open!


Teased late last week, First 4 Figures have now put their Jet Set Radio Beat statue up for pre-order. Like their Akria Yuki statue, it appears that Beat does not have an Exclusive Edition variant. The statue measures 14 inches tall, and retails for $229.99, limited to 1,250 pieces and due to release Q2 2015. One cool feature is the addition of LEDs which give the illusion of sparks shooting out from his skates as he grinds a rail.

After the break, read the full product description!

First 4 Figures tease Jet Set Radio Beat statue for November 18th pre-order


First 4 Figures are expanding their SEGA All-Stars line with a Jet Set Radio statue featuring GG’s leader Beat! The rudie with that uki uki waku waku attitude joins the existing SEGA All-Stars line of statues which includes Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki, Virtua Fighter’s Akira Yuki, and Skies of Arcadia’s Vyse. While Beat’s price is currently unknown, based on past statues in the line it could range from $170 to $200 or more depending on if there is an exclusive version as well. Pre-orders open November 18th, and we’ll likely have all our details then.

What do you think of First 4 Figures choice? What other SEGA franchises would you like to see in the All-Stars line?

First 4 Figures Dr. Robotnik up for pre-order – wait, so it’s not Dr. Eggman anymore?


First 4 Figures is back again with a new classic era Sonic the Hedgehog statue up for pre-order, this time the star is Sonic’s nemesis Dr. Robotnik. Yup, you heard that right, apparently SEGA gave the okay for F4F to use the old name that they’ve pushed aside for the past 13 years. The statue is selling for $399.99 and is expected to release Q2 2015. If the price gave you a small heart attack, F4F has a flexipay option in which fans pay 3 monthly payments – two at $100 and a final payment of $199. The statue is also enormous, measuring 22″ tall, and 19″ wide. F4F also notes “Dr. Robotnik’s package also includes an additional set of hands. As well as the open palms to replicate his signature classic pose, the package includes an additional 2 hands, each holding a Chaos Emerald, in call back to the classic ‘Try Again’ screen at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog 1. These can be swapped out or mixed with the other hands depending on the collector’s preference.” You can pre-order at the official F4f site. Now the question is, what’s next? Classic Amy Rose perhaps?

Regarding the name, while I know many Western Sonic fans grew up with Dr. Robotnik, I do find the decision to be a bit odd. Mainly because I always saw the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Saturday morning cartoon design to be Dr. Robotnik, while the in-game version had a weird disconnect from the Robotnik name. With Sonic Generations poking fun at the old Robotnik name (“Nobody calls me that anymore!”) and the Jazwares action figures labeling the character as Dr. Eggman, it’s inconsistent with the brand to go back to the Dr. Robotnik name. Ah well, it’s a bigass statue and that’s good enough for me!