First 4 Figures reveals SEGA All-Stars NiGHTS statue


First 4 Figures have expanded their SEGA All-Stars range of statues with Sonic Team’s NiGHTS, sporting the more recent NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams design. The statue is 12.5″ high and comes in two flavors, the standard edition priced at $209.99 and limited to 1,000 pieces, and the exclusive edition with ambient lighting priced at $234.99 and limited to 500 pieces. Both are due for a Q3 2015 release date and can pre-ordered today!

What do you think of the latest SEGA All-Stars statue? Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer the original Saturn NiGHTS design.


3 responses to “First 4 Figures reveals SEGA All-Stars NiGHTS statue

  1. Draikin says:

    Had it used the original Saturn design, I may have considered buying it. I’ve never been a fan of the new design. The original design was simple, but very recognizable, much like you’d expect from a mascot (which NiGHTS kind of was for the Sega Saturn). The new design is more complicated and “busier”, but it doesn’t really add anything to the character. Sometimes, less is more.

  2. HelenBaby says:

    All of my want! Journey of Dreams was my favourite Wii game!

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