SEGA Tunes: Virtua Fighter 2’s Sarah and her Black Moon Cat

Virtua Fighter 2 was the most popular game for the SEGA Saturn for many reasons, the most popular of those being the graphics and gameplay. But for me, I could never get over the excellent soundtrack. Virtua Fighter 2 featured one of the most impressive soundtracks that came out of the SEGA Saturn era. This week we look at Sarah’s theme ‘Black Moon Cat‘ and its various remixes including the Virtua Fighter Kids remix and more!

Since the header video is the SEGA Saturn version of the song, you got to enjoy all that CD quality sound. But it’s hard to appreciate CD quality sound when you didn’t hear the SEGA Genesis version of ‘Black Moon Cat’, so let’s listen to it down below:

A less ‘heavy’ and more playful version was used for the Virtua Fighter Kids, which was a SEGA Saturn exclusive fighting game taking your favorite Virtua Fighters and making them kid mode. You can’t make this stuff up.

Let us know your favorite tracks off the Virtua Fighter 2 OST in the comments below.


3 responses to “SEGA Tunes: Virtua Fighter 2’s Sarah and her Black Moon Cat

  1. daniel says:

    well i am glad that valkirya comes for pc but it will be cool if sega release sonic unleashed for pc

  2. InTheSky says:

    Favorite Virtua Fighter 2 tracks?

    I am the Fist (Lau)
    Young Knight (Lion, and my favorite track)
    Ride the Tiger (Akira, of course, this one is iconic)
    Dream Emperor of God Mt. (Shun Di)

  3. celsowm says:

    Please, do a post about “Virtua Fighter 3 On The Vocal”

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