Did You Know Gaming video series shines the spotlight on the SEGA Dreamcast

Online video series Did You Know Gaming has featured SEGA on past episodes, such as their Sonic the Hedgehog retrospective, and their latest episode takes a look at SEGA’s console swan song the Dreamcast. The video does a nice job putting all the interesting facts revealed over the year in chronological order, touching on the Tom Kalinske’s dealings with Sony during the 1990s, Microsoft’s early involvement, and how piracy both hurt the console and then later helped the indie scene.

I’ll admit, I thought I knew everything about the SEGA Dreamcast, but there were a few factoids I was unaware of like the “potato” chip gag. Was there anything in the video that surprised you?


3 responses to “Did You Know Gaming video series shines the spotlight on the SEGA Dreamcast

  1. Fernandeath says:

    Even though videogames exist since decades ago the DC is still a pioneer

  2. crack says:

    I knew about the potato chip because I noticed it one time I opened my VMU and found it particularly amusing.

    I did not know about the alternative menu. very nice.

  3. tasteofink says:

    the dreamcast is now and will always be my favorite system and the one that i have the fondest memories of, power stone was on point, shenmue basically shaped the type of games i would want to play,in japan amazing games like never 7 and ever 17 we released on it (yes i have them both)alot of cool fun collectibles for it, and of course that logo noise

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