New Persona 5 details emerge, main character details revealed

Now that the first Persona 5 trailer finally came out, everyone is left wondering when the first batch of new information will be out. Today’s your lucky day, since Famitsu has released some of the first details regarding the new Persona game.

The main protagonist in this game is a second year high-school student who recently moved to Tokyo in the spring. He doesn’t live with his parents, but friends of his parents, who just happen to live in a coffee shop. The protagonist is bonds with people who have recently lost their homes. The main character’s persona is called Arsène (most likely named after Arsène Lupin).

In the Famitsu issue they interviewed both Katsura Hashino (Producer and Director) and Shigenori Soejima (Character Designer) where they gave more info on the game.


According to Hashino-San the protagonist in Persona 5 is very different from the others in previous games. According to him he has a problem and if he doesn’t resolve said problem, it will cause lots of trouble in the future. They say some of this plays in the latest trailer, the prison bit. The two other main characters (see the picture above) are introduced, along with a the talking cat at the start of the game.  The cat is a integral part of the story and has the ability to ‘transform’.
Another thing we got confirmed is that Production I.G is doing the animation for the game. According to Hashino-San, the characters you see in the background of the anime portions of the trailer were created by Production I.G to fill scenes. The battle system in Persona 5 has also been confirmed as turn-based, but there will be changes made to make it more enjoyable.

While the game will still feature randomly generated dungeon sections, there will be set pieces created to show off the thievery motif. Every character will have a gun as a long distance attack/weapon. Persona 5 will also allow you to work for citizens around the city, which will give you bonuses and advantages.

As for Social Links, a staple of the series. They are still in there or as the director said, something similar. Details will be coming soon on this, but this is probably the new ‘Corporation’ section shown in the trailer.
Character Designer Shigenori Soejima warns players not to let the main protagonist’s humble appearance deceive you; its a facade. As for the game’s logo, it was designed to reflect the younger prospective of the characters and story. While the main protagonist’s persona, Arsène was designed to feel more ‘old-school’, which is why they choose the name.


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