Grandia II getting a PC port based on the Dreamcast version


GungHo announced that they’re re-releasing the acclaimed JRPG Grandia II on PC via Steam. While the game already got a PC port back in 2002, this will be a new port based on the original Dreamcast version. Aside from the usual Steam features like achievements and trading cards, the game will have both mouse and keyboard and gamepad support.

The port is the result of a survey GungHo put out, in which they asked fans which games by Game Arts they would want to see re-released and on which platforms. With Grandia II apparently getting a lot of support for a PC port. GungHo hasn’t said when we can expect to see this release or if any other much requested games like Lunar will be seeing re-releases as well.


4 responses to “Grandia II getting a PC port based on the Dreamcast version

  1. SOUP says:

    Fantastic news. As much as I loved the characters and atmosphere of Skies of Arcadia, the battle system of this game made it my favourite Dreamcast RPG.

  2. Hitrax says:

    The Dreamcast had the better version then?

  3. Tasteofink says:

    I actually did that survey they listed all the games basically that game arts did I chose the original grandia but I also love grandia 2 so much but i always just play that on my dreamcast

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