Grandia II Remastered coming to Steam & GOG on August 24th

We have finally gotten a release date for Game Arts classic Japanese RPG Grandia II, which the publisher will be re-naming Grandia II Anniversary Edition as it plans on releasing the game on both Steam and next week! That’s right, August 24th is the release date for this game.

“After careful consideration, we have chosen to retitle the game for PC to Grandia II Anniversary Edition in order to properly celebrate Grandia II’s 15th anniversary. The fans voted and, now, we are proud to bring a revamped edition of the classic role-playing game from Dreamcast to PC as Grandia II Anniversary Edition.” – Kazuki Morishita President and CEO of Game Arts

If you get the game during its launch window you will only need to fork over $14.99, after this  limited period it will go up to its regular $19.99 price. Not bad for a HD port of a great game like this. Are you picking up a digital copy of the game?

[Via: Gamespot]


7 responses to “Grandia II Remastered coming to Steam & GOG on August 24th

  1. Elly says:

    I can recommend this game to anyone.
    It had for the time a great story and it really was fun.
    My personal favorite is Rpg without doubt will be Sky’ of Arcadia, but that is another story. Pick up this if you can you won’t regret it.
    I myself will wait for ps4 / x1 version 2 come out.

  2. Chibirally says:

    … What have they actually changed?
    It looks hardly any different from the PC release they did years ago…

    • George says:

      The older build is not based on the Dreamcast version, but the inferior PS2 build. This one is also adding a harder mode, controller support and allow you to choose Japanese voice acting.

      We did a article on that here:

    • AfroRyan says:

      Also achievements from what I’ve heard, which is cool. I hope there’s some good original ones in there. It’s not that I think progression based achievements shouldn’t be in a game, especially not RPGs, since progression is such a time investment, but it’s boring if that’s all there is. I like achievements that encourage weird or otherwise offbeat styles. Like, have an achievement for beating the final boss with your starting equipment; stuff like that. Of course I like to be encouraged to find easter eggs and the like, too.

  3. fernandeath says:

    I’m not a pc gamer so I’ll pass this one

  4. Those were the days, moving onto #SaveShenmueHD

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