Grandia II HD hits PC this year, new screenshots revealed

We announced prior that Grandia II HD was getting a new PC port based on the Dreamcast version (best version) of the game. Now we know that publisher GungHo Online Entertainment plans to release Grandia II HD sometime this year via  GOG and also on Steam.

The HD version will have updated graphics for HD displays, include Japanese voice acting (along with English dub), controller support and a new, harder difficulty mode. Grandia II came out on the Dreamcast in 2000 and was considered one of the best RPGs released on the console. A few years later it got a PS2 and PC port, but both these ports where noted for being inferior to the Dreamcast version. Glad that the world (outside of Dreamcast owners) will get to re-experience Grandia II the way it was mean’t to be enjoyed.

Here is what the game will look like: 

[Via: Gamespot]


12 responses to “Grandia II HD hits PC this year, new screenshots revealed

  1. tasteofink says:

    i still have my dreamcast version this one of the great games dreamcast owners boasted about me included i still love this game MELFACE!!!!

  2. Joon says:

    I don’t doubt it was probably a great game even though I never got through it, but what exactly was so great about it compared to other RPGs?

    • Joon says:

      Shining Force on the Sega Saturn was another one, the III one I think, that gets notable mention as being one of the greatest RPGs ever – along with Panzer Dragoon Saga, but I never had that one either, am I missing anything?

    • Team Andromeda says:

      Joon Grandia II had the best battle system out of any Japanese RPG at the time . Plus like any GameArts RPG it featured a decent story , game world and charming cast of Characters

    • Joon says:

      What about Shining Force III? Been considering going through these two for awhile based on a lot of feedback from mostly Sega fans.

  3. Ashley Hakker says:

    Considdering how Sega was touting how many DC classics they’d bring to console and PC back in 2010, if we count this, how many does this make it?

    • Gamma says:

      I think this makes the 10th Dreamcast re-release (from the top of my head)

      If we include:

      Soul Calibur ~ 1999 – re-issue – 2008
      Sonic Adventure ~ 1999 – re-issue – 2011
      Sega Bass Fishing ~ 1999 – re-issue – 2011
      Crazi Taxi ~ 2000 – re-issue – 2011
      Resident Evil Code: Veronica ~ 2000 – re-issue – 2011
      Jet Set Radio ~ 2000 – re-issue – 2011
      Sonic Adventure 2 ~ 2001 – re-issue – 2012
      Rez ~ 2002 – re-issue – 2008
      Space Channel 5 Part 2 ~ 2002 – re-issue – 2011

      Any I’ve missed?
      For the record, these Dreamcast re-releases are based on HD digital platform releases, not previous gen consoles other than the Dreamcast itself of course.

    • Gamma says:

      @At one point, that other excellent Dreamcast game, Skies of Arcadia, was also scheduled for a re-release too, a Sega spokes-employee made mention of this officially at a trade show a few years back as you can see here ~ – what ever became of it, remains a mystery, it seems it went the same way as the Shenmue re-releases, for now.

    • Hitrax says:

      Yes, there’s also

      1. Ikaruga ~ 2001 re-released again in 2008
      2. Trigger Heart Exelica ~ 2007 re-released again in 2008
      3. Under Defeat ~ 2006 re-released again in 2012
      4. Street Fighter III third strike ~ 2000 re-released again in 2011
      5. Marvel vs Capcom: clash of super heroes ~ 1999 re-released again in 2012
      6 Marvel vs Capcom 2: New age of heroes ~ 2000 re-released again in 2009

      So this Grandia 2 re-release will officially be the 17th Dreamcast re-release in modern consoles, unless there’s more of course.

    • Hitrax says:

      *Oh yea, almost forgot…

      7. Hydro Thunder ~ 1999 re-released again in 2010
      8. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ~ 1999 re-released again in 2012
      9. Bangai-O ~ 1999 re-released again in 2011

      So, so far Grandia II will be the 20th Dreamcast re-release then.

    • Hitrax says:

      Another mention,

      10. Vitual-On: Oratorio Tangram ~ 1999 re-released again in 2009.

      Making Grandia II the 21st Dreamcast re-release (so far).

  4. CrispX says:

    More Crap. SEGA is just playing with the PC Fans. We don´t want this!

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