Hucast Games announces Redux 2 for the Dreamcast

We have a love and hate relationship with Hucast Games, while we admit we weren’t the biggest fans of their first entry due to technical issues, it felt even more slimy with they continued to re-release the game multiple titles and charging people for these new versions (see: Dux 1.5Redux: Dark Matters and the revision disc). Now the studio is ready to move on and finally release a full fledged sequel called Redux 2.

The game will come in three packaged variations:

The game is set to feature seven stages, new spacecrafts, a selection of new weapons, and 2-player co-op mode. While the game has not gotten a release date, Hucast Games is allowing users to pre-order their games now. Isn’t that generous of them?

Here are the different packages and first screenshots:


3 responses to “Hucast Games announces Redux 2 for the Dreamcast

  1. Darkie says:

    Is this actually coming out for the Dreamcast?! Funny to see how this console still gets the love it deserves!

  2. DCGX says:

    Darkie, have you not been aware of the recent, independent Dreamcast releases? There’s been quite a few over the past 5-6 years. And some really excellent games, like Sturmwind, Wind and Water Puzzle Battles, Gunlord.

    I’m definitely in the wait-and-see camp when it comes to Hucast now. I still feel screwed from the first Redux Kickstarter.

  3. fernandeath says:

    I’ve purchased Redux a couple years ago but have not played it yet haha
    I’ll look forward this sequel

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