Dreamcast indie game ‘Ghost Blade’ gets release date

Indie Dreamcast developer and publisher Hucast games has finally announced the released date for their latest title Ghost Blade. The game will be officially out on September 27th and come in a variety of editions.

What the game features:

  • Beautiful, detailed High-res Graphics
  • 5 Stage with HUGE Boss Enemies
  • 3 Player ships with different gun types
  • Instant Respawn
  • Auto-bomb enabled novice mode for beginners
  • Arcade Gameplay and Addictive Scoring System
  • Incredible Soundtrack composed by Rafael Dyll
  • 2-player mode for addictive fun

Accessories supported:

  • VMU
  • RGB cable (480i)
  • VGA cable/box (480p)
  • Original Pad
  • Arcade stick

You can check out both the regular edition and limited editions (limited to 1,000 copies) of the game. Anyone looking forward to this one?

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5 responses to “Dreamcast indie game ‘Ghost Blade’ gets release date

  1. DCGX says:

    A little late to the party, but they actually announced the release date earlier this year. I’m itching to get my copy of the collectors edition I pre-ordered when the game was first announced.

  2. GuitarAnthony says:

    Wow, seems like a hundred years since I pre-ordered it from them.

    Sadly, still waiting on my Pier Solar for Dreamcast from Watermelon Games as well.

  3. Tasteofink says:

    It seems like every India game on dreamcast is a ship shooter like this its getting old indie guys make a diff kinda game oh and guitar Anthony ill be waiting a log time watermelon corp has taken my money And given me nothing twice a they don’t even answer me so good luck there

  4. Faith says:

    I ordered this as well about two years ago, looks like my cup of tea, cant wait to play it.

    I agree that all the dreamcast indie games are shooter based which is good if you like them but annoying if you like variety. A new platformer was released recently on dreamcast Alices moms rescue, check it out.

    Glad I have not ordered pier solar, although looks amazing to play. Did not get a good feeling when saw lots of people complaining on the watermelon site. <ay get the meg drive version off ebay.

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