Rumor: Takashi Iizuka says Sonic Team not developing rumored ‘Sonic Mach 2’ game

Oh boy, it seems the rumors posted about a new Sonic game in development being titled ‘Sonic Mach 2‘ are coming true. The Sonic Mach 2 rumors started when Orbot’s German voice actor listed the unannounced project on his online portfolio. Since the Sonic fanbase its an excited bunch, instead of waiting for its eventual reveal, Sonic Stadium forum members started messaging Takashi Iizuka on his personal Facebook account. Here is the conversation he had with one user:


Thanks for spilling some of the beans Mr. Iizuka, I’m sure your going to get a stern talking to (unless he is trolling users of course). So let’s say the game does exist but isn’t being developed by Sonic Team. What does that mean? Probably means its not the next big Sonic the Hedgehog game. It might even be a new game developed by SEGA’s newly acquired mobile developer Demiurge Studios or even another mobile title by Hardlight. But is it a little too early for another Sonic mobile game, seeing as Sonic Runners hasn’t even been released world wide?

What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments, you think Iizuka is trolling?


11 responses to “Rumor: Takashi Iizuka says Sonic Team not developing rumored ‘Sonic Mach 2’ game

  1. DwebbleC says:

    i do no know Iizuka in person but he doesnt look like a guy that would troll his fans

  2. Happy Cat says:

    Iizuka wouldn’t say things he isn’t supposed to say. He’s quite smart at how he answers questions. Just look at any of his interviews. Boils down to either he is being honest, and in that case, its probably not a major game, or hes lying.

  3. bertodecosta says:

    A mobile game probably.

  4. Kamiya says:

    What a dude,

    Private messages are supposed to stay private,
    This guy has screen caped what he shouldn’t.

    I know, Lizuka san is smart for not spoiling
    Anything, but still…this is not respectful.

    Person should have asked Lizuka san if he
    Is allowed to screen cap/share this or not.

    Immature gamers make me sick.

    • Blues says:

      I feel the same way. While it’s nice that Iizuka does occasionally respond, the kind of fan that pesters creators like this are the worst.

    • cube_b3 says:

      I like that whoever the fan was, was respectful though messaging him on Facebook is not cool. That said, I’m guilty of contacting people I am a fan off via Facebook.

  5. Joon says:

    What an over-used and inaccurately used term ‘troll’ is, it seems to be bandied about by anyone for the most minimal of disagreements these days.

  6. Yumi says:

    I would say its probably either a working title for a main sonic game or a mobile game.
    If it relates to a main title i wouldnt expect to hear much for a while and it definatly wouldnt be out this year. If it is a mobile game they could possibly release it this year.

  7. Dancarblog says:

    It might be another Sonic Boom game, that isn’t Rise of Lyric or Shattered Crystal.

  8. Joel says:

    Dimps maybe?

  9. Arache says:

    I’m a twelve year old boy who happens to love the sonic series. So, don’t judge me if I don’t judge me if l dont know what the word mach means. Anyway, I’ve done some research on the word, “mach” in the title, “sonic mach 2″, and the word has something to do with the velocity of speed. So, I’m guessing that sonic mach 2 means that sonic can run at mach 2. Either that, or its the sequel of sonic 06. Oh, yah, and lizuka isn’t working on the game. He might be, but he is just lying, but I highly doubt that he’s working on the game because he’s probably working on the game that will be based on the the movie that might be coming out in 2016. The movie might be called, ” blue blur”, but hey, it’s an opinion. Just saying. #spoileralert.

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