Check out this SEGA Master System/Game Gear modified hybrid console

Who hasn’t wanted to combine two consoles into one in their own Frankenstein type of experiment? I know I have. What about a Master System with SEGA’s handheld the Game Gear? That’s exactly what Sega Retro Gamers member Eric Bishop did, cramming a Game Gear into a Master System and have them both working. He posted the following video showing off his project, which he is still working on.

Below are a few photographs of his creation, what do you guys think?


4 responses to “Check out this SEGA Master System/Game Gear modified hybrid console

  1. lord says:

    Ive seen a game gear in tthe past (a blue one) it was supposed to be a game gear console. I wanted to buy it. It really looked legit. But it was a mod. This mod is good as well.

    U know they could make out of a megadrive a superconsole
    Megadrive is compatible with. 32x megacd sms and even gamegear with the everdrive cart. Why didnt someone do that.

    Hell yeah i still look up to the cdx(multimega)

  2. Monty says:

    It’s alive! ALIVE!

    But, seriously, it seems that the Master System’s extra width has come in handy. XD

  3. Billy2600 says:

    That’s awesome! I want one.

  4. Benji says:

    Frankenstein’s monster, not Frankenstein. Frankenstein was the name of the doctor.

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