eBay: The complete US Master System collection

No, I’m not going to start heckling my crap to you guys, plus this isn’t crap. If there are any girlfriends or moms reading this and saying that video games are crap, then this is crap I want. All over me. The collection includes a US Master System with 114 US Master System games. Impressive!

Happiestsellever!, you can thank me for the shout out later. Check his auction here. Yeah, the dude wants almost 5 grand for the whole thing. Is it worth it? How much would you pay?


2 responses to “eBay: The complete US Master System collection

  1. Randroid says:

    Wow. Current price of my childhood: US $4,995.00

  2. Sybnios says:

    Beautiful but 5,000 for the complete Master system collection is way too much. He has the console and 3D glasses loose!!!! So you pay these 5000 for the games alone. Its not so difficult and expensive to complete the list of games. 2000 MAX is what I would offer!

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