Corey Marshall the English voice for Ryo Hazuki reprises role for Shenmue 3


It has now been confirmed that the voice actor for the English version of Ryo Hazuki, Corey Marshall, will reprise his role in Shenmue III. Corey Marshall has been a huge Shenmue supporter, especially when when it came to advocating for a new entry into the franchise. Many people had a love and hate relationship with the delivery and how he played Ryo’s character, but for those that have nostalgic memories playing the Western releases of Shenmue 1 & 2x will be thrilled to know the old Ryo has returned.

Corey Marshall has decided to help the cause of funding Shenmue III by adding a a new reward tier, as a $1,000 reward where you get a personalized Ryo voice message. If you pick up this tier, you will also get everything included in the $500 dollar package.

What do you guys think of Corey Marshall reprising his role of Ryo Hazuki? Did you guys want to see someone new? Do you think they even needed English voices? Let us know in the comments. 


10 responses to “Corey Marshall the English voice for Ryo Hazuki reprises role for Shenmue 3

  1. lord says:

    3.8 mil guys. Remember the 3july tweetathon and 30 dollar on 3rd campaign

  2. Blankey says:

    I don’t want English voice-overs. Mostly for budget reasons, but also for selfish ones.

    They can save hundreds of thousands of dollars if they’ll skip the English voice work process and put that money into bigger towns and various game systems. Instead they decided to waste money and resources on something unessential that in the past greatly harmed Shenmue I’s quality and flat-out butchered Shenmue II (thank god for the PAL Dreamcast release). They’re on a strict budget, why waste money on something so unnecessary and potentially harmful? (I realize the voice work might be good this time, but I still find it questionable due to the crowd funding circumstances.)

    10 million isn’t happening and even 5 seems a bit like stretch at this pace. Shenmue III needs so much in order to live up to its predecessors in terms of world/cultural detail and atmospheric exploration based gameplay. I wrote YS about this earlier in the week, 2 days later they announce Marshall’s back. In my face, huh?

    I mean no disrespect to Corey Marshall, I hear he’s a cool guy and some people obviously adore him, but under the circumstances, I find this to be completely wasteful and harmful to the project and am positive I’ll end up playing it with the Japanese voice-work while pretending the English track doesn’t exist, just like I do with Shenmue II.

    Please invest that money in making Bailu, Baisha and Choubu the best they can be instead, YS. by the sound of things, if it doesn’t pass the 5 million mark it will be something more akin to an interactive film, that sounds so depressing to me. The dialogue can all be text as far as I’m concerned if it means a better, more detailed game. If it means a Shenmue experience.

  3. Ben Burnham says:

    Corey Marshall was solid as the voice of Ryo. I hope the English voice acting in Shenmue III is a little bit higher caliber than it was in previous entries but Corey Marshall did a good job. Honestly the Japanese voice actor for Ryo had a similar occasional flatness, Ryo was just generally a flat character. I’m glad Marshall is returning.

    I’d be psyched if Eric Kelso returned as Ren too but I won’t get too picky, lol.

  4. Elly says:

    Great English voice over, although I hope the player can choice now between eng or jap voices in the game if not it sooooo 2001.
    And I hope there will some day come a dreamcast port off Shenmue 3 ….. Sega fan around the world make it happen 🙂

  5. bUM says:

    I’m glad they’ll be doing it in English. Japanese voiceovers are unbearable, every character stereotype sounds the same in every bit of Japanese media, especially cartoons. Izumi sounded like 90% of typical anime schoolgirls, Dou Niu sounded like literally every “evil fat adult” ever, the transvestite sounded like every anime transvestite ever etc. etc.

    I just hope they do it better than Shenmue 2 english VO, Shenmue 1 was great, Shenmue 2 sounded… emotionless and lacking direction.

  6. am2model3 says:

    awesome to have Ryo Corey Marshall on board! Shenmue3 is a dream come true, for a lifetime!

  7. lord says:

    4 mil. Almost 4.1. Keep going guys

  8. lord says:

    Almost 4.2 now

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