Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Twitch Q&A: Looking into adding physical PS4 copies

It seems that the world needs to know more and more about the Shenmue 3 KickStarter as each day passes, so Awesome Japan got Yu Suzuki to do a live Twitch stream answering fan questions regarding the KickStarter. While the stream had some issues starting up and the quality in the video being behind times it did answer quite a few important questions.

One of the biggest requests is for Shenmue 3 is a physical copy on the Playstation 4, so far they have only been offering up a digital copy for Sony’s newest machine; while the PC got both digital and physical. Yu Suzuki says he is looking into adding it as a tier.

Yu Suzuki also clarified how some of the mechanics work on some of their stretch goals, like the ‘character perspective system’ will let you play as Shenhua and Ren in Baisha. Another question he answered was about how much story would be cut from Shenmue 3 and according to Yu Suzuki he decided not to cut much of the story out; thus Shenmue 3 won’t not conclude the saga after all. 

He also announced via Twitch that he would be adding a few grab bags of old Shenmue merch as rewards, but those where gobbled up rather quickly.


10 responses to “Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Twitch Q&A: Looking into adding physical PS4 copies

  1. ricerictwice says:

    Hey guys, I changed my pledge during that horrendous twitch stream last night to the $1000 level. However, now that they posted the details and the fact that the items aren’t actually random I am fairly certain I am going to change my pledge down to the $300 signed kickstarter edition level. I am not loaded with cash just really love this series and classic Sega as a whole and wanted to contribute as much as possible. I just believe this whole kickstarter is being handled very poorly and can’t believe that the guy on the stream last night is actually being paid to mismanage this kickstarter campaign when I believe he shouldn’t even have the opportunity to speak with Yu Suzuki. They really need to update the introduction video on the kickstarter page to gain the appeal of contributors besides die-hard fans. If anyone is interested in this let me know so I can open it up while you wait to snag it up. Sidenote: the only difference between the $300 and $500 level is you get the other three gashapon/capsule toys to complete the set. How about a little something extra besides that. The Toejam & Earl kickstarter had awesome vinyl figures that they eventually allowed you to purchase without contributing to the tier they were originally listed in. If they had vinyl figures of the main cast of the first two games at a mark-up of $60 a pop I wouldn’t hesitate to snag them all up.

    • Kell says:

      It costs money to produce these items you’re referring to as well, if the whole tier sets were filled with them, then a lot of the money would be going into producing them into of the games development.

    • Kell says:

      *Instead of the games development.

    • marc says:

      man, that stream was awful… cringeworthy… that kid was obviously intoxicated. im hoping they got awesome japan for pennies on the dollar so that they dont have to waste anymore money on the hurtful pr, this lousy pr company is bringing… ungh…

  2. lord says:

    I just hope that when the paychecks come we get a boost in pledges. The other boost would be paypal. And the other boost would be the last 2 days

  3. Excel says:

    There needs to be a Xbox port somewhere down the line! I’m not buying a PS4!

    At least until they become around $100 cheap when the next console cycle starts.

    • Eden says:

      Then buy a PC!

      With Sony being an important partner, providing marketing (can cost as much as development itself) and other support, an XBox One version seems unlikely. It’s just lucky that it’s not a PS4 exclusive.

  4. Mr Right says:

    I could see this whole project going tits up :/

  5. Hitrax says:

    Awesome Japan have done a bit of a cock up with this campaign, they consist of only three people as well I think, only one of them understands English – Joel Tess – who is seen in the video, he’ll add you on Facebook.

    I sincerely hope that the 11+ million is reached eventually, however, let’s be perfectly honest here, there’s no chance that’ll happen in the next 17 days, asking for that much in only 30 days is not long enough, so I believe that the best solution is for there to be an on-going funding campaign that operates independent of Kickstarter (once the time schedule has ended in 17 days) and continues during the next 2+ years of development they have from now till late 2017.

    It’s over 2 years away, it’d be insane to restrict development based on the funding gathered in only 30 days of that time.

    Sega will receive their due royalties, and Sony has heavy backing for this project as well, they will want to market it well to avoid this, they are not going to want this project to fail, and Yu Suzuki seems fairly confident of the future of Shenmue.

    I am glad it wont end in the next installment, I don’t want a cut down series with huge parts cut out either, plus, it gives Shenmue more increased exposure and support with every new future installment. We have the added benefit of far greater hardware now as well thanks to the delay between Shenmue II and Shenmue III, so there was some benefit in the wait at least, as the rest of the series will graphically be superior compared to if it had been released years ago.
    If we can’t have it on the Dreamcast, I’d want it on the most powerful hardware possible.

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