New Shenmue III trailer, less than 72 hours left in the campaign!

Last night, presumably to feed off of the hype surrounding the end of Shenmue III‘s Kickstarter campaign, YS Net released a short clip of very early footage of a Shenmue III cutscene running on Unreal Engine 4.

Rather than new content, it seems Yu Suzuki was content with recreating another Shenmue II scene. The game does look quite brilliant in Unreal Engine 4, and can only get better as development continues! Check out the original Shenmue II scene here.

What do you think of the new clip, and how much will it push the Kickstarter in these final hours? Sound off in the comments below.


5 responses to “New Shenmue III trailer, less than 72 hours left in the campaign!

  1. Mengels7 says:

    That…looks bad. Am I the only one who thinks that? I get that this is like preliminary stuff, but why bother making a trailer like this that looks so ridiculous?

    • George says:

      I think its because they want to show something before the 30 days in the kickstarter are done. I mean, this is alot better than the assets/footage shown at the reveal. Is it amazing? Nah, but for the amount of time they have actually worked on it, its progressing at a fast pace.

  2. Nathan says:

    I disagree it looks ridiculous. This is still $0 Shenmue III, keep that in mind. Development hasn’t started, they don’t have a penny of the Kickstarter funds, and are still recruiting staff to even begin work on it. It’s a recreated scene from Shenmue II as outlined in the post, and was likely done in a week or two tops.

    • Mengels7 says:

      Well aware, I just think it looks kind of over-the-top and the models are still poor quality.

      “Looks like amateur hour” – my brother who didn’t even know I was trashing it on here.

  3. Nathan says:

    Slap $300 in my hands and the same hardware and software, and I would do worse. So would a lot a of people. The models will be updated, and the over the top quality is a good thing, I think. Shiny fireflies.

    People are so quick to judge. To think just two months ago people were asking for Shenmue III with Dreamcast graphics, or a novel. Looking back at literally every single thing with Yu Suzuki’s name on it, I don’t think we will be let down.

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