3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 trailer in actual 3D hits online

Sonic and his two-tailed friend Tails hit the Nintendo 3DS on Thursday over in Japan  with 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2. To celebrate the release SEGA has released the following trailer… in 3D. Yes, if you didn’t know Youtube supports 3D videos.

This 3D Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is stereoscopic 3D which means you can view with red and blue 3D glasses. We will keep you informed on the US and European release dates, but I’m hearing its coming out sometime in September.


7 responses to “3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 trailer in actual 3D hits online

  1. Kolma says:

    You should advertise that you can view this on the web browser on new 3DS and new 3DS XL to view this and all other 3D youtube videos in 3D.

    • George says:

      Yeah but they have to be a different kind of 3D video, no? This is the red/blue glasses.

    • Kolma says:

      oh it is… I just saw it was official from Sega and they posted a proper 3D video before for Gunstar Heroes… my bad..

    • Kolma says:

      Ok double reply.
      For whatever reason Chrome does show it Red/Blue
      HOWEVER When putting mouse on timeline you see a double image.
      And when played on 3DS it is still full proper 3D!
      Enjoy the trailer on 3DS.

      *Note page is too big to load so you will have to type the URL in manually Here’s a bitly of it http://bit.ly/1VsJHZ8

  2. goalmaker says:

    Yo george. I just love your blog news man. Really segabits is shizz. But u make my day. Keep the good work up. By the way there is an update of shenmue 3 kickstart. Yu suzuki thanked us. This guy deserves a blog and praise. I bought jsr for the vita. It really fits on that platform. Again thx for the blog. Your my man

  3. goalmaker says:

    I forgot to say something important concerning this sonic re release. I dont think warhammer aliens totalwar is sega. They are not sega games. Nowadays this xategory games have bren acknowledged. U have fps gamers. And u have sega gamers. And even tho sega died. But the term sega gamer has been established. It is on par with arcade gamer rpg gamer. Adventure gamer. Platform gamer. But all these genres are not a standard. A sega gamer probably has different rpg. Dragon crown is a category for the sega gamer. Sunset overdrive is for a sega gamer. And sonic is of a sega gamer. It is an acknowledged terminology

    • John says:

      goalmaker, holy effin wall of text… anyways i can’t wait to watch this trailer in 3D on my n3dsxl and im plannign to buy SoR2 3D tomorrow.. thanks m2/segabits!

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