Yakuza Studio working on a non-Yakuza project


In a new interview with Famitsu, Yokoyama Masayoshi (Series producer at Yakuza Studio (aka: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.) has confirmed that the team is recruiting for continued high end video game development.The team already housing 150 development staff, Masayoshi also confirmed that the team is working on a project not related to the Yakuza series albeit based on saying the team is making a non-Yakuza project.

With Tokyo Game Show around the corner and no major new Yakuza game being announced, is this the announcement that newly appointed SEGA Games Co CEO Haruki Satomi was hinting at? We’ll find out shortly as TGS is only a month away!


10 responses to “Yakuza Studio working on a non-Yakuza project

  1. fernandeath says:

    Great news.
    IMO they should take a break in the Yakuza series and do something new

  2. Final Tuned says:

    I think they’ll have to, I can’t see how they can really expand on the whole Ryu Ga Gotoku/Yakuza franchise for a while.

  3. @keeppassingcars says:

    Binary Domain 2?

  4. daniel says:

    i hope its binary domain 2 and open world that will be so cool 😀 a pc port also i am hoping that this is not an ps4 exclusive again

  5. Chibirally says:

    A while back the Yakuza team was toying with the idea of making a new Panzer Dragoon game… and also a new JSR game.

    The two ideas never made it off the drawing board though.

  6. Lenticular Leo says:

    Was the Yakuza team originally made up of Sega’s older studio names like Smilebit and Overworks?

  7. tasteofink says:

    this is a grerat studio other than yakuza anyone remember binary domain? i have the ps3 and loved it so much i got the pc version when people stopped playing online on ps3 one of my favorite third person shooters also where is our yakuza 5 on the ps3 store we were promised?

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