New SEGA feat. Hatsune Miku Project game seemingly confirmed through fan illustration contest


It’s tough to say nobody saw this coming, but yep; almost everyone’s favourite digital idol, Hatsune Miku, is seemingly getting another SEGA game.

As picked up by MikuFan, the news was revealed through a Nicovideo Livestream, in which it was announced SEGA will be partnering with Piapro (the official site for the Crypton Vocaloid characters) in collecting fan artwork for the loading screens and ending credits in a new Miku project. Of note, this has been the case with the previous Project Diva titles in particular. SEGA will be accepting a whopping 200 illustrations for the project; 100 loading screens and 100 ending credit visuals. Submissions open August 10th, and end September 11th, both at 17:00 JST; and apparently we’ll be getting more information on the submissions and such on the 10th.

Not exactly the most conventional way to confirm what’s almost certainly a Project Diva title, or perhaps even the rumoured arcade port; but it sounds like something’s coming folks! Excited? Sound off in the comments!


12 responses to “New SEGA feat. Hatsune Miku Project game seemingly confirmed through fan illustration contest

  1. Dwebs says:

    EXCITED AF!!! Please SEGA
    and one more thing..

    • CrispX says:

      I’m Lost!
      Please Sega Bits if you read this comment, try to post all the informations about SEGA in Gamescom and the games will be released on PC.
      I’m freaking lost, because Gamescom seems to be poor around the google internet search.

  2. Gen says:

    So who owns the Hatsuni Miku franchise? I thought initially that it was Sega IP, but I’m guessing it’s simply yet another licence granted to Sega rather than a true Sega IP.

    • TrackerTD says:

      It’s Crypton who owns Miku and co, they’re licensed to SEGA as far as I know; Miku’s technically not a SEGA IP, but at this point she’s had so many games by them she may as well be.

  3. TheVocaloidOtaku says:

    Omg it’s happening
    It’s finally happening
    Hopefully it’s an F 3rd. In my opinion the Fs have been the best Miku games so far. PS3/Ps4/and PSVITA are definitely he best platforms for hear games

  4. NoirSuede says:

    Come on SEGA, stop using just Miku and give us some crossovers with other Vocaloids like IA

    • TrackerTD says:

      IA just got a game, I think; either way, GUMI’s in the new Mirai DX game on 3DS and UTAU’s Kasane Teto is a Project Diva mainstay at this point, so it’s possible.

    • TheVocaloidOtaku says:

      Yeah, I see where you’re going but Miku and Cyrptons other Vocaloids are the most popular and up next to them is Gumi. While it would be awesome for more characters like IA and Oliver it would probably never happen 🙁 But Teto, Neru, and Haku are all different engines – not even Vocaloids, but made by the same company and thread pretty much why they’re in project diva
      If we ever do get a new Vocaloid in PJD, I’d bet you a million dollars it would be Gumi
      Which is good for me I guess I love Gumi
      (On another note most other Vocaloids don’t have enough songs/duets with Cyrptonloids that would be able to make it in the the game D: Gumi was chosen for Project Mirai DX because she however, does. Though, she doesn’t have her own room in the game like the rest do)

  5. RONMAN321 says:

    OK THATS IT…. Im buying SEGA stock shares!

    That is the same logo silhouette of that Virtual Reality Tech Demo back at the E3 convention.
    (saw a short demo of it on youtube before copies were removed)

    Yes I too have both Project Diva games F1 and F2 even on Vita, My assumption as a trader/gamer and investor is that this very well could be for those Project Morpheus VR games due for release in the next year or so. PS4

    Regardless, SEGA shares Im going to acquire and DEFINETLY going to get my copy of that SEGA feat Hatsune Miku game. This is getting exciting. I kinda want it NOW.

    • TrackerTD says:

      Whilst it’s likely that a new Project Diva title WILL be on PS4, the logo’s no indication of that. That Miku silhouette is just the logo for the SEGA feat. Miku Project and as I recall it has been for a while now.

    • RONMAN321 says:

      Who knows? Im cool with it either way. Plus the money part too.

  6. RONMAN321 says:

    NIIICE… today someone acquired 5,937 shares roughly spent $17,400 in one swoop of SEGA stock shares just from this Hatsune Miku article…. something BIG is coming and real gamers/traders know it!!

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