Miku Flick now available worldwide.


Yup. A Hatsune Miku game has finally made it overseas. Miku Flick is an iOS game available on iPhone and iPad devices for a hefty (for iOS) $13.99. Published by Sega, Miku Flick comes with several of Hatsune Miku’s most popular songs. I know not a single one of them since I’m not a fan myself, but I do know her popularity is big enough that this is huge news for Miku fans. Who knows? If enough Miku fans buy this game, we may see more of her games arrive in the U.S. and Europe.


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  1. ShadiNeko says:

    This looks like it was published by SEGA Japan in the US and EU. I think that’s why it says the publisher is “SEGA Corporation” instead of “SEGA”.

    Would also explain the lack of acknowledgement from SEGA west, I bet SEGA west doesn’t even know about this lol

    • matty says:

      I’m sure enough people brought Project Diva to them as something for them to do. What this news is also telling us is that SEGA West is practically saying “Nah, we don’t need a franchise that will print all this money that we desperately need.” Like a poster said in the other post, Miku sold out at a concert in L.A. in a matter of days. The damn thing sells itself and SEGA West couldn’t give a damn.

      All you had to do was translate the menu and lyrics, SEGA. -_-

  2. CrazyTails says:

    Doesnt really look like a great game. Im kind of disturbed by that noise eveytime u touch the thing. Shouldve been more like rez where its in sync with the music

  3. Exu says:

    Oh wait they’re serious, let me laugh even harder.

  4. Brent says:

    So how much is this likely to sell in the West?, it’s massive in Japan certainly, but the West is more blurry territory, especially for the musical style games.
    Also, what about the localisation? If it’s a straight release from SEGA of Japan, they’ll less likely have it translated and instead trust that you’ll know Japanese.

  5. SkyBlue says:

    I am surprised this hasn’t been sold in the west earlier on and advertised as heck for girls who are into Barbie and Britney Spears etc.

    Get someone to sing like Miku in English in a similar voice and I can bet that this would sell a lot in the west.

    The current fans can still buy the Japanese versions if they want to keep Miku in her original state though.

    • Smokesa says:

      Translating the songs is not necessary, Vocaloid music has a big following in the west already – as stated, a concert in LA sold out to over 6000 in 2 days.

      If anything, translating the songs would damage sales and offend the fans who composed the music.

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