Streets of Rage 4 cancelled Dreamcast concept art makes its way online


SEGA is well aware of the cult following that their Streets of Rage series possesses, so they have tried to resurrect the franchise but it always ends up being canceled for one reason or another. It seems that SEGA had a plan to release Streets of Rage 4, we had the first prove of this by leaked footage that was released a few years ago (you can view it here). The game was to be on the Dreamcast and was being developed by Ancient & SEGA with Yuzo Koshiro returning to do the soundtrack. The game was sadly canceled.

We have finally gotten more information on the canceled project thanks to Yuzo Koshiro posting concept art on his twitter account. He posted two sketches one showing off the four lead characters, which have some resemblance to members of the original cast but are actually all new heroes. Another photo shows off ideas for combos, on this photo we actually get the names of the Axel looking guy, who is called Burn and is the son of Axel (aka Axel Jr.). We also see the female character who’s name is Erie and happens to be a ‘Shinobi’.

What do you guys think of the canceled concept art? Do you think SEGA made a mistake cancelling this project or is this something that was going to be met with backlash? Let us know in the comments!



12 responses to “Streets of Rage 4 cancelled Dreamcast concept art makes its way online

  1. MadeMan says:

    Sega hates money, why did they cancel this, it’s better than Sonic Boom, where is Virtual Fighting Six, Mobile games are trash, this would have saved the Dreamcast, NIntnedo should buy sega and make this game on Virtual COnsole

  2. AfroRyan says:

    While the game itself could have sucked, it’s a shame it was canceled if only because we don’t get another awesome soundtrack.

  3. Pioneer One says:

    Streets of GASH more like.

    Looks dire.

  4. Sigma says:

    Didn’t look that good, worse than Dynamite Cop. And with that series on the DC, SoR4 would be a bit redundant.

  5. Tsuyoshi Shiga says:

    Would have liked to see Blaze in the game.

  6. RetroPlayers says:

    The thought of having a Streets of Rage title on the DC would have been amazing, but like many people I don’t think this concept would have made me part with my hard earn money at the time.

  7. IIII says:

    Give me the adult characters like Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding any day! Not his so-called kid and this little anime Erie kid… I mean good god, what crap…

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