Nintendo 3DS gets SEGA Dreamcast and SG-1000 themes in Japan

The more SEGA themes Japan gets, the more I want to just import a Japanese 3DS so I can enjoy them. This month’s themes are easily some of the coolest. The Dreamcast theme is based around the system’s own menu, and even plays the mechanical whirring and VMU beeping that fans are familiar with. Less familiar is the theme’s background music, which is lifted from the Japanese-only browser disc Dream Passport.

The SG-1000 theme is pretty cool in its own right. Aside from being based on SEGA’s very first home system, the theme also displays screenshots from a variety of games in the background. The music might be familiar to any hardcore Sonic Team fans with an emulator (or the system and a Japanese television if you’re crazy) since it’s taken from Girl’s Garden, Yuji Naka’s first game. Checkout the theme below!

Both themes are available on the Japanese 3DS’s Theme Shop for 200 yen/$1.50. There is still no word on these themes coming stateside.


3 responses to “Nintendo 3DS gets SEGA Dreamcast and SG-1000 themes in Japan

  1. bertodecosta says:

    Finally. I already have all other SEGA’s theme on my Japanese 3DS (SEGA Megadrive, Mark III, Saturn, Aerocity Arcade coin-up, Gamegear, Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, and Chao) and wondering why I couldn’t find Dreamcast theme. Turn out they just released it recently.

  2. DCGX says:

    That Dreamcast theme needs to come to come west.

  3. Hitrax says:

    If only.

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