SEGA almost licensed the technology that created the Virtual Boy

SEGAVirtuaBoyFormer SEGA of America President Tom Kalinske has revealed on a Reddit community podcast that not only was SEGA in talks with Trip Hawkins about releasing the 3DO console (also talks with other manufactures including Sony), Tom reveals they also dodged another bullet by not entering an agreement with Reflection Technologies – the company that went on to make Virtual Boy with Nintendo. Seems that SEGA America was really interested in Virtual Reality headsets (they even showed their own prototypes at public events, but nothing was released).

“It was pretty cool. You could put it on and literally you were in a virtual world, and it moved as you moved your head.

One of the problems was almost everybody got sick. It caused severe motion sickness. Other people got severe headaches. I think we were right in turning it down.” – Tom Kalinske, former SEGA of America President on Virtual Boy tech

What are your thoughts? Did SEGA do the right move by passing on the ‘Virtua Boy‘?

[Via: Nintendo Life]


One response to “SEGA almost licensed the technology that created the Virtual Boy

  1. Zeek says:

    Yeah and if Tom got his way(Sega of Japan said no in favor of Saturn), the tech that became the N64 would of been SEGA’s, except you know if it ended up being theirs, they would of used CDs and not expensive carts. Imagine that. If they had that technology, kept their franchises healthy and strong like Sonic, Phantasy Star, Streets or Rage etc, stronger 3D hardware for higher quality Sega arcade ports and maybe even along with Namco arcade games like Ridge Racer and Tekken, brought out more of their Japanese games to the west and snagged 3rd party games like Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil first, think how things could have been.

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