SEGA Twitter account teases “Still Thinking” – Could more Nintendo 3DS themes be on the way?

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During and since the transition to Southern California (to possibly the Atlus USA offices), SEGA of America has played it pretty safe on social media. Typically we’d only see press releases and links to trailers and announcements, but today the SEGA Twitter account shared a 14 second video of the SEGA Genesis “Welcome To The Next Level” logo accompanied by the Dreamcast hardware startup sounds and the Western Saturn startup jingle and the text “Still Thinking”. Would could SEGA be teasing?

While we’re merely speculating, it’s possible that new Nintendo 3DS themes are on the way featuring Western SEGA Dreamcast, Saturn, and Genesis/Mega Drive sounds and images. We know that SEGA of Japan released their own collection of console inspired 3DS themes, and later the US got Fantasy Zone and Space Harrier themes. We also know that SEGA of America staff expressed interest in bringing more themes – like the hardware ones – to the West, but noted that they would have to be localized as they were region specific in design.

Of course it is also possible it is a tease of something bigger, but let’s keep expectations in check.

Update: The letters in the video light up to spell “THEME”. I think it is safe to say that Dreamcast, Saturn, and Genesis themes are on the way to the Nintendo 3DS!


5 responses to “SEGA Twitter account teases “Still Thinking” – Could more Nintendo 3DS themes be on the way?

  1. James says:

    Did you folk notice that the letters light up, and that the sequence of letters spells “Theme”? I think this one’s pretty wrapped up.

  2. bertodecosta says:

    I already bought all SEGA themes on my Japanese 3DS, but I might buy it again for my US 3DS, to show some support (and also because it’s cool).

  3. Leo The Woodlouse says:

    Oh ffs, why the blasted 3DS again? Why not the proper consoles, or the PS Vita for a change.

  4. dikkster says:

    Psvitais the better handheld. But 3ds somehow gets more recognition. I have jsf on vita. And it rocks

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