SEGA releases “Help Us Make Our Games Better” survey – check it out!

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SEGA has just released a link to a survey which has the goal of improving the quality of their games. The survey, which can be found here, goes quite in depth. Users are asked to list consoles they own and currently play, including just about every major home console you can think of released from the 70s through to today including some that never made their way west, like the SG-1000). Users are also asked to name their favorite SEGA franchises from an incredibly long and varied list (everything from Panzer Dragoon to Fatal Labyrinth to Yakuza) as well as list off franchises they love that may be listed. Mobile gaming seems to be of upmost importance, leading me to believe that this survey will be utilized by SEGA Networks as well as SEGA of America and SEGA Europe.

One page that caught our attention was “Please select any of the following websites or channels that you have visited in the last 90 days:” which included SEGA Retro, Sonic Retro, The Dreamcast Junkyard, the SEGAbits YouTube channel, as well as others. Very interesting that our YouTube channel is on SEGA’s radar given our recent refocus which put news, commentary and interviews at the forefront.

If you haven’t taken the survey yet, check it out and we’ll see how our answers shape the future of SEGA!


24 responses to “SEGA releases “Help Us Make Our Games Better” survey – check it out!

  1. Shinobi100 says:

    Took it. Gave you and Shinobi some love.

  2. Teddy Kong says:

    Shoutouts to Super Monaco GP and Vectorman.

  3. Quiet Wyatt says:

    On the survey they didn’t list Sakura Wars under franchises that we knew, nor did they list Chain Chronicle under known mobile games, so there goes any hope that those will be brought back here. I’m really hoping everyone will pester them on this survey to bring PSO2 to the west.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      Chain Chronicle was announced to be shutting down for global players, so no surprise that it would not get a mention. Sakura Wars was never popular in the west, and the one title that did make it over was published by NIS America. So it was never a series SEGA saw fit to release over here.

    • Quiet Wyatt says:

      Yeah, but they had much more obscure games listed on the survey. Just feels like they’re not even acknowledging that they exist. I miss Chain Chronicle, I was one of those people who downloaded it day 1. I enjoyed Sakura Wars 5, but it came out during the weird period of gaming when everything had to be super realistic and gritty and dirty, and it didn’t help that it was on the wii and tail end of the ps2, but I think the societal perception of “dating sim” games have changed since that dark era. Seeing all the crazy visual novels released on Steam gives me a bit of hope for development of Sakura Wars 6.

    • Kori-Maru says:

      Bernie Stolar was to be blamed for that one.

  4. Ellie says:

    Shout out: Baku Baku and Pengo and deep fear

  5. allenpergallon says:

    The lack of Burning Rangers is disturbing.

    But I’m glad the survey was more thorough than I was expecting.

  6. AfroRyan says:

    Man, I just left messages for almost every game franchise offered. It felt so good to vent my concerns. “Why isn’t PSO2 out in the West? Why have you let franchises like Panzer Dragoon and Streets of Rage collect dust?” Etc.

    It was fun.

  7. Sestren NK says:

    I can’t believe I forgot Baku Baku. BAKU BAKU. I got it for my sister as a gift and it’s still in the cabinet shelf behind me years after she moved out. We played the hell out of that game.

    I tried not to be overwhelmingly negative, but I did mention that I was rather disappointed at the idea that so many companies want to go mobile, and Sega, a company that took risks, gave us many memorable IPs and was a pioneer of the arcade industry, would follow suit and jump on the wagon. Why don’t I play mobile? I like big screens, speakers and controllers. That was really it…

  8. Gen says:

    Panzer Dragoon Saga too!

  9. CCV says:

    I left my thoughts on Sonic, almost all of which were fairly positive. But I did add in a little bit of criticism and wishful thinking. 🙂 Also did shoutouts to NiGHTS and Monkey Ball. :3

  10. Ellie says:

    @ Sestren NK: cool that you also like BAKU BAKU, to bad sega didn’t continued the game 🙁
    I hope they make a sequel for the NX…. ( I will keep on dreaming)

    Off topic: only for sega fan Quiz time…………….. which Character had a keyblade 🙂

  11. milesdx says:

    Did anyone else have this issue? I was taking the survey but halfway through I got booted out. When I tried to go back it said I finished it.

    • Hitrax says:

      Yep, happened here too, they said they want it wanted it completed in one sitting – to minimize spamming probably and keep it as genuine as possible, I had to go back a page to add more details but it said it looks likes you’ve already done the survey when you refresh. So I just redone it on another device.

      I’d advise any here not to start it until you’re prepared to go through with it to the end with minimal break times, and keep it in mind exactly what you have to say before moving to the next page

  12. Twent says:

    What of Bayonetta? Who owns it now? Because there’s absolutely no mention of it anywhere being Sega’s anymore, it must at least be Platinum’s IP alone then and it was no more Sega’s than it was Nintendo’s, Sega just published one iteration (the original/first one) with Sega themed fan service in the same way that Nintendo published the sequel with Nintendo themed fan service in it.

    That said, it could have been proper Sega IP if they hadn’t abandoned it, now if Sega has any association left with it at all, then it can’t be anymore a Sega IP than Toe Jam & Earl and Ecco the Dolphin – which are sort of ‘semi-Sega’ IP, though they are not Sega in-house, it’d probably be comparable to claiming that Banjo Kazooie was Nintendo’s, but since Microsoft bought Rare, they’re technically Microsoft’s.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      SEGA owns Bayonetta, just as they do Ecco the Dolphin. SEGA published the first game, and SEGA licensed out the publishing rights to the second game to Nintendo. Basically, anything Bayonetta needs SEGA’s approval and licensing (the anime, for example). It is not a franchise that SEGA groups with their stable of franchises. Note that no Platinum Games titles were on the lists.

      ToeJam & Earl is owned 100% by Greg Johnson. Ecco is owned 100% by SEGA. Banjo-Kazooie was 100% owned by Rare, and when all of Rare was bought by Microsoft it became 100% owned by Microsoft.

  13. AdamDuffield says:

    Interesting things to take away from that survey: SEGA seems to be doubting its dedication to the mobile platform and seems to be gauging interest in its old IPS.

    I hope all you guys clicked on Jet Set Radio!

  14. Retroman says:

    OK, I did my part. Strongly disagreed with all the mobile stuff and listed these games as my favourites:

    Streets Of Rage 2
    Revenge Of Shinobi
    Shinobi III
    Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap
    Golden Axe
    Gunstar Heroes

    I hope something good comes from this!

  15. CrispX says:

    Thanks SEGA. Finally a good Shot! I will ask for Jet Set Radio Future. Mobiles are not the Future only the Computers Are! Be Smart and Help us to believe we want this game so badly. As well for Shenmue, Otogi, Sega GT, Skies of Arcadia Fans and many more!

  16. Lenticular Leo says:

    How long does this survey run for?

  17. Edward Oajley says:

    I put columns, super monkey ball, chu chu rocket, puyo puyo, virtual on, panzer dragoon, and virtua tennis, sega rally as my favorites.

    The four puzzle games I feel are brilliant, although I feel guilty because I’m pretty sure that other than columns, they already makes new versions of them regularly enough.

    Sega rally was the closest thing to Sega Daytona, and Daytona is something we need more of.
    virual on and panzer dragoon(other than saga) both represent rarely seen genres, and I love both anyway. Vitrua tennis is just fun, and I need my sports games with more arcade and less sim.

    I like sonic 3, and I like sonic advance, but neither as much as other platformers, so I couldn’t vote them. Skies of arcadia is one of my favorites, but I didn’t put it as one because it had enough closure that I don’t want to know more about the world. If the list was about making games in the same genre (say a mining world or inside the digestive system, but still an exploration based rpg that was about high-adventure instead of melodrama), instead of remasters/series oriented, I would have put it on my survey. I really like jetsetradio and future, but it didn’t change what I demand from other games like tony hawk and SSX did. Kid chameleon and nights, I frankly don’t trust sega not to tinker with just enough to annoy me. I don’t get why toejam and earl is on the list? It’s not owned anymore, and the actual owners are doing their kickstarter sequel anyway? If it “won” would sega make an IP in the style of it? Too confusing to vote for.

    The only other thing I felt bad for not favoriting was house of the dead and virtua cop.
    Light gun games are so GOOD in arcades, and while home versions are a really hard to find genre nowadays, house of the dead overkill was amazing, and I think there is hope for the genre other than shallow wii/Kinect/eyetoy “partygames”

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