Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice delay doesn’t stop Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. from releasing a kid’s meal

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Despite being delayed to 2016, SEGA had Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice promotions in place for the game’s initial release window of Fall 2015 and it looks like they couldn’t get out of one of these promotions. United States fast food restaurants Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. (the restaurant name depends on your region) just began a Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice kid’s meal promotion featuring four toys. The toys include: Splat BallSonic the Hedgehog Figure, Board Game (possibly the most unexciting name for a board game ever), and Communicator with Secret Compartment (how is the compartment a secret if they advertised it?).

In addition to the toys, the restaurant’s website offers digital wallpapers, coloring pages, a Sonic Boom character poll, and a place to enter a secret code found on the meal bags – meaning there will be branded bags to go along with the promotion. While it sounds like I’m ragging on SEGA for promoting a game that has since been delayed, I’m actually very excited for the promotion. Being a child of the early 90s, I have fond memories of the McDonald’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Happy Meal. I even own a store display and collection of bags! So it is very cool to see Sonic back in the world of fast food toys. I just wish the promotion fell closer to the game’s release.


3 responses to “Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice delay doesn’t stop Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. from releasing a kid’s meal

  1. Shinobi100 says:

    Those are some pretty damn good toys. Remind me of the ones Pizza Hut did back in the 90s for Garfield.

    P.S. Author, you are a dummy. The labels under the picture are just telling you what they are, not giving them names. And the secret compartment is secret to everyone who wasn’t sitting right next to you when you got it.

    Too had the Sonic figure isn’t an Amiibo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those Sonic the Hedgehog 3 happy meal toys are from the MID ’90s, not the early ’90s (1990-1992).

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