SEGA Sammy’s Marza Animation Planet working with Capcom on CG Resident Evil movie


While this is leaning towards Capcom news, it’s worth newsing here on SEGAbits. SEGA Sammy Holdings owned Marza Animation Planet, the animation group responsible for several SEGA CG cutscenes and the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, has joined forces with Capcom to produce a CG Biohazard/Resident Evil movie slated for a 2017 worldwide release. Japanese gaming site Inside reports that Ju-on: The Grudge creator and filmmaker Takashi Shimizu (creator of Ju-on) will be executive producer, Takanori Tsujimoto will direct, and Psycho-Pass writer Makoto Fukami is working on the script.


11 responses to “SEGA Sammy’s Marza Animation Planet working with Capcom on CG Resident Evil movie

  1. timothy o nichols jr says:

    Here is an idea; why don’t both sega and capcom co-produce resident evil 7 for next-generation consoles ??? PS 4 and Xbox One !!!!!

  2. segal says:

    At timothy
    Could be a good idea. They allready collided their characters on project x

  3. Ben says:

    Shimizu knows how to make real horror, I just doubt that will be the direction of the movie.

    We’ll see, I guess.

  4. Kate says:

    That’s great because this collaboration will be the best for viewers. I am curious how this movie will be. Let’s see!

  5. justin lan says:

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  6. rock pull says:

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