SEGA News Bits: SEGA re-releasing legacy games like Shenmue?

SEGA Europe’s marketing director Jon Rooke said in a recent interview that SEGA was looking at opportunities to re-release Legacy titles like Shenmue. On this episode we sit and discuss the possibility of this being just PR talk, we discuss what is a SEGA legacy title and discuss SEGA legacy games we want to see re-released. Let us know what you consider a legacy title and what games you want to see re-released in the comments below!

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10 responses to “SEGA News Bits: SEGA re-releasing legacy games like Shenmue?

  1. ELLY says:

    I like also wouldn’t mind a phantasy star collection…. if they can bring to the vita i would directly it buy.
    And its a shame that shinning force i forgotten by so many people. they deserve some love for sega.
    Sega should consider all the arcade games that never make to the home console. as a legacy title if its possible is HD. to sale it make a good commercial about old people are being young again. .

    • Blevin says:

      You can play Phantasy Star I-IV on PS3 and Xbox 360 in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. You can play II-IV on PS2, PSP/Vita, and PC.

  2. cussypat says:

    Streets of rage. Not remake. Sor4. Gimme gimme gimme

  3. cussypat says:

    There is a teaser for the new sonic on january 4th. And u guys didnt even post it. I love the segabits blogs. But u guys seem to be late in revealing it. With all respect

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      What teaser are you talking about? I have not seen any SEGA or general gaming news sites talking about it.

    • camcommunicates says:

      I think he is referring to Aaron Webber’s posting on Sonic’s facebook page. Although since he is based in America I assumed it meant April Fools Day and not the 4th of Jan.

  4. cussypat says:

    Again news that sega is going fully west with mobile games. What are they thinking? I smell bullshizz

  5. cussypat says:

    Barry here is a link. Dont know if it is a hoax

  6. Sestren NK says:

    I still want Daytona USA 2, a Virtua Cop collection – heck, the entire Sega AGES collection would’ve been great, too.

  7. Adam says:

    Fighters Megamix complete with the hidden characters, its the closest thing Sega ever got to making a Sega version of Smash Bros and plus who doesn’t want to fight as Hornet in HD

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