SEGA Japan trademarks SEGA Cyclone dev kit and “Liberation of the Blue Sky”


Two new SEGA trademarks cropped up today from Japan: “Soukuu no Liberation” (Liberation of the Blue Sky) and “Sega Cyclone Development Kit.” No other information was given at this time, so we can only speculate as to what these two are. The first is most likely the name of a game. Some have speculated that “Liberation of the Blue Sky” is a Skies of Arcadia game, but the only reason is the mention of a sky and let’s all remember that the franchise was Eternal Arcadia in Japan. More likely, it it a new IP and if I was a gambling man I’d place my bets on mobile or arcade.

“Sega Cyclone Development Kit” is more interesting, as it is clearly a development kit (duh) for a piece of hardware called Cyclone. SEGA arcade fans might find the name familiar, as there exists a piece of motion sim hardware SEGA utilizes called Typhoon. It is possible that this is an update to the motion simulator, or another arcade related thing such as a new board. Or *sigh* it’s a new console… but honestly, after eight years of SEGA blogging and following the company since 1991 I can honestly say that I do not think this is a home console.

[Source: Gematsu]


12 responses to “SEGA Japan trademarks SEGA Cyclone dev kit and “Liberation of the Blue Sky”

  1. Trippled says:

    Sega has a beatiful HQ btw

    just wanted to say that

  2. Chocolatey says:

    Sega hardware… Oh how the heart sings at the very thought

    • EnternalHope says:

      Could or could not be something significant.

      Is it an Arcade machine? HIGHLY likely. New Home Consumer Product based off of said new Arcade product? Remains to be seen. Maybe.

      Regarding Arcades, its pretty clear that SEGA is STILL investing in its RING series line. Updating and Upgrading it is a no brainier since its been a success.

  3. LenticularLeo says:

    Yes, Sega is still very much a hardware producing company as well as a software producing one, home consoles was the area it suspended it’s association with in March 2001, not hardware as a whole, it still produces it’s own arcade consoles, in fact pretty much every Sega home console was actually based on Sega’s own arcade console every generation, so Sega home consoles were really just a domestic variant of their original Sega arcade based architecture.

    • jimi Andreas says:

      We never really did get a model 3 console

    • Gamma says:

      The Sega Model 3 was basically just like an earlier rendion of what later became the Naomi – which was the Dreamcast in every way but with double the ram. I think the Model 3 was actually going to initially be what the Saturn 2 was going to be based on (when Saturn 2 was still the name of the new Sega home console in the press before it was officially unveiled as the Dreamcast a year or two later). Not every single Sega arcade console has had a Sega home console equivalent of course, Sega has made far more arcade consoles than home consoles, the home consoles were merely just another division of the hardware business Sega was part of, it’s only now in the past three generations that it has risen and grown into a huge market, but it’s still only one part of what it means to be a hardware producer, Sega, as well as Capcom, Namco, Tecmo and Konami all have ties with the arcade business but Sega by far has always been the biggest in that industry and still is the most powerful.

    • EnternalHope says:


    • EnternalHope says:

      That’s exactly correct. They were indeed home consumer variations of Arcade boards.

      Cyclone could or could not have a console variant to go along with in.

      The possibility is there especially with Sega Interactive,Ltd.

    • Brent says:

      Sega Interactive?

    • EnternalHope says:

      Sega Interactive,Ltd(formerly Sega Enterprises,Ltd) is a new Amusement Hardware division of SEGA. That handles Manufacturing,Licensing,Sales,Distribution,Development and Research of Arcade Amusement Hardware and Accessories.

      There are indeed plans to open overseas divisions of SI,Co,Ltd.

      During the 2000s, when they were Sega Corporation, SEGA did not have a division or subsidiarity that handled R&D,Marketing,Development,Operation and sales for Arcades. They only had small departments that handled licensing and development for Arcade boards.

  4. Patrick says:

    or “Cyclone” is just the name of the development kit or name of a game engine. Maybe Sega wants to unify dev software tech under 1 umbrella.

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