Liberation of the Blue Sky revealed to be a Japanese smartphone RPG from SEGA


Back in November we revealed two new trademarks from SEGA, one of which was “Soukuu no Liberation” (Liberation of the Blue Sky). While it was most likely a new game, some fans were hoping it was another Skies of Arcadia (though as I pointed out, the series is Eternal Arcadia in Japan and “sky”/”skies” aren’t unique enough to make such a connection). In any case, the cat is out of the bag and Liberation of the Blue Sky has been revealed to be a mobile RPG from SEGA heading to iOS and Android in Japan.

Based on the official game site, the game is a 2D free to play RPG and tasks the players with recapturing an Imperial City that has been invaded by an Empire. The protagonist is a guy named Roland who leads a Revolutionary Army. Gameplay features the usual RPG elements such as forming parties and a variety of character types. The game will feature both single player and four player modes and is due out this winter. After the break, check out some art from the game as well as a screenshot.

SEGA Japan trademarks SEGA Cyclone dev kit and “Liberation of the Blue Sky”


Two new SEGA trademarks cropped up today from Japan: “Soukuu no Liberation” (Liberation of the Blue Sky) and “Sega Cyclone Development Kit.” No other information was given at this time, so we can only speculate as to what these two are. The first is most likely the name of a game. Some have speculated that “Liberation of the Blue Sky” is a Skies of Arcadia game, but the only reason is the mention of a sky and let’s all remember that the franchise was Eternal Arcadia in Japan. More likely, it it a new IP and if I was a gambling man I’d place my bets on mobile or arcade.

“Sega Cyclone Development Kit” is more interesting, as it is clearly a development kit (duh) for a piece of hardware called Cyclone. SEGA arcade fans might find the name familiar, as there exists a piece of motion sim hardware SEGA utilizes called Typhoon. It is possible that this is an update to the motion simulator, or another arcade related thing such as a new board. Or *sigh* it’s a new console… but honestly, after eight years of SEGA blogging and following the company since 1991 I can honestly say that I do not think this is a home console.

[Source: Gematsu]