Shenmue 3 Update: Kickstarter Rewards to remain exclusive and official site gets a refresh


Happy 2016! With the new year comes an update on Shenmue 3! While the latest Kickstarter project update doesn’t get into any of the development, the results are in for the survey asking whether or not rewards exclusive to Kickstarter backers should be made available to PayPal backers. Initially, this survey was held on Twitter, which many cited as being unfair since it was open to anybody and not just Kickstarter backers. Thankfully, Ys Net listened and held a new survey exclusive to Kickstarter backers. The survey shows that while the “Yes’s” outweighed the “No’s”, the “No’s” and “Either’s” were to great to be ignored and it has been decided that Kickstarter exclusives will not be made available to PayPal backers.

While the comments section on Kickstarter seem to disagree, I personally think this is a good decision. The Slacker Backer campaign hasn’t exactly caught fire, with only one stretch goal reached after weeks of campaigning. Some cite that the last of Kickstarter exclusive rewards is to blame for the slow trickle of PayPal donations, but I really do not think that it would make much of a difference. Important things, like the game itself, are available to pre-order and there are more than enough cool bonuses for fans late to the party. I also am a firm believer that Kickstarter exclusives must remain exclusive.

The other piece of news is that the website has been updated with a new layout. At the time of writing this, the site seems to be receiving high traffic, so I cannot check every page to see what (if anything) is new. But it looks to be the same content, just with a new design template.


3 responses to “Shenmue 3 Update: Kickstarter Rewards to remain exclusive and official site gets a refresh

  1. Anon says:

    The poll unleashed the worst in people, now there’s the camp that wanted the rewards, there’s the camp that didn’t want the rewards. One side believes this is right, the other side thinks this is wrong. Now everyone’s arguing. They should’ve just released them or kept things the way it is. Without asking the community.

    Now to be honest, it seems to me like they decided against making any more rewards and used the 3rd option as an excuse not to. I mean, it’s kind of stupid, that option is equal to not voting at all. Yes outweighed the no. Not by a huge margin, but it did. If the 3rd option wasn’t there, what excuse would they have?

  2. Ben says:

    If people are truly upset over this then they should have voted.

    Only 15,110 people voted out of 68,533 who were eligible, so it’s people’s own fault if they don’t feel their voices were heard.

    Eh, I voted for “I don’t care” because I truly don’t care. It makes no difference to me; I’ve already donated, and that’s that. I don’t mind if they were to make the KS bonuses available on Paypal if it would help get the money to make a better game, but if people are actually going to get upset about that, then I feel it also makes sense to leave them exclusive.

    Continuing with that, I don’t care much at all about the decision they’ve made. We’re getting Shenmue III, who the hell cares lol? I couldn’t possibly care any less, and evidently much of the backers felt the same way since they didn’t bother to vote. People getting all negative and whining about things like this are going to do nothing but discourage the developers, and some fans are just never happy.

    I think it’s the right thing to do to get the community involved in decisions, because we’ve of course already paid to make this game happen so it’s our project as much as theirs. But I’m very eager to learn more about the game and get more involved in voting on issues relating to the game….none of this “campaign” stuff matters at this point. The campaign already finished on Kickstarter. Everything else is just a bonus, and probably not one that was even necessary, honestly.

    My reading of this was that YS Net really did not want to make the rewards available to Paypal users…they did this survey though to see if the majority of backers wanted them there. Clearly, most do not care, so they left it the way it was. Case closed.

  3. Karl says:

    I just can’t wait play game and see where the story go’s that’s whats important not the rest of stuff

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