Valkyria: Azure Revolution Battle Demo Gameplay

Valkyria Chronicles Remaster in Japan came with a Valkyria: Azure Revolution battle demo (first print copies), now that some people have gotten their hands on it we can finally see some gameplay. Valkyria: Azure Revolution will drop the turn based strategy formula in hopes of a more real time, action based approach.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution looks really nice though, still using that canvas engine look but I do think some of the characters movements look a bit stiff. Tell us what you think of SEGA’s new approach with this title. Valkyria: Azure Revolution comes out in Japan on this Winter, only on PlayStation 4. No Western localization has been announced (yet).

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20 responses to “Valkyria: Azure Revolution Battle Demo Gameplay

  1. Monty says:

    Action RPGs are the current trend in the market, so I don’t fault Sega trying to bank on it with one of their solid franchises. As long as it is a side title fans shouldn’t feel too betrayed, right? XD

  2. Aki-at says:

    It doesn’t bother me at all that this became an action RPG, I like games like Secret of Mana and Star Ocean.

    It just bothers me how rough it all looks, like there doesn’t seem to be a coherent design to the game yet. This looks more like something you use as a pitch rather than a rough demo of the game to show the public. Honestly I wouldn’t have been worried if the game was launching in 2017 but since it’s coming this year, I don’t think 7 – 9 months of development is going to be enough for this game.

    It’s a shame considering it’s coming after the highly impress Yakuza 6 demo.

    • radrappy says:

      Agreed, I don’t want to be that guy (because I feel like I am too much) but this looks. . .rough. It looks like everything that made the original (and Sakura Taisen V) good is gone in favor of something resembling Xenoblade Chronicles or Star Ocean.

    • Aki-at says:

      If it at least looked as good as Star Ocean 5, that would be fine.

      This however does not look like it’s near the same ballpark as Star Ocean 3.

  3. Ellie says:

    @ Aki-at if you look at the grafisch is there a possibility that they port the game from the ps3 to ps4? That game was in long development? ?

  4. Nei says:

    Mmm not gonna lie, it’s looking a bit sketchy…love the art style and maybe one it’s in my hand it will feel better then it looks. And it’s not final, so there’s plenty of hope.

  5. Cat says:

    Gameplay looks very rough. Definitely needs a lot of refinement, but I imagine that is why they are releasing a demo, to see if fans like the direction it’s going in or not. Graphics are also kinda rough, it is more important to get the gameplay right first though. Graphics are usually improved near the end of the development cycle alongside optimization.

    The game looks like it has potential. Unless they have a lot of staff working on this game, it will probably get delayed to 2017. Like Aki-at said, looks like there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

  6. Djawed says:

    Seriously everything is awful about this holy crap. From the character design to visuals to gameplay. I guess the music is hard to go wrong with, but man what a way to reveal your game. Wow

  7. Ok then says:

    This looks more like a template for a pso game. Wonder why it had to be valkyria carrying this idea. Doesnt suit it very well

  8. Artwark says:

    Oh ho ho ho! Looks like SEGA really didn’t do some quality work now did they?

    And look how you guys are trying to be so damn nice about the game. Clearly, you are losing hope I can tell you.

    Really, this game can be just as bad as 06. It kinda looks like it honestly.

  9. Artwark says:

    Oh and don’t think this is just the demo as it will be fine tuned. This is the legit game. Even if its delayed which is something SEGA isn’t going to do, it still won’t be polished enough.

    Oh SEGA, you can’t even excite your fans. What a loser. Guess you’re better off being dead rather than being alive after all.

    • Aki-at says:

      You’re in denial if you think people here haven’t been excited recently since Yakuza 6 and 7th Dragon got people hyped.

      But continue to let your silly agenda consume your thoughts.

    • Artwark says:

      7th dragon isn’t really something worth getting hyped about.

      Also, does that mean that you’re encouraging SEGA to make crappy games forever?

    • Aki-at says:

      7th Dragon is nothing worth getting hyped about? Please, that’s your own biased opinion coming out there, if you like RPGs then it IS something worth getting hyped about.

      And well done putting words in my mouth so let me put some words in yours, are you a mean spirited individual who enjoys seeing thousands of people out of work and struggling for a living? Because your attitude certainly dictates it as how you see SEGA as one living breathing being rather than made up of dozens and dozens of separate subsidiaries, hundreds of departments and thousands of employees. Grow up with that childish attitude of yours.

    • Artwark says:

      The first two games were only exclusive to Japan. Even if its something worth getting hyped about, the fact that the third one comes out to the west when skipping the previous two is just….oh what’s that word…oh yeah, plain stupid. Judging from the looks of the game, it doesn’t seem worth getting hyped for and this is coming from someone who loves JRPGs.

      And it doesn’t seem that SEGA values their employees either seeing as how foolishly they shut down their american division and lost 300 jobs just to move over to another place….Really. think about this. The ones who have signed up contracts are forced to stick with SEGA for years and by the time it expires, SEGA can easily brainwash them and make them slaves over again. If that’s not the case, Yuji Naka wouldn’t have left SEGA now would he?

      A company must value the employees they have and if they don’t, its not even worth working there. The footage that you just saw from this bland game just shows that SEGA doesn’t give a damn to neither its employees nor to the gaming community. This is truly showing the dark side of SEGA if they keep this up and to save those employees who get nothing in the end, its best that companies like SEGA unless they want to redeem themselves, get bankrupt fast.

      They won’t get even a better job if they leave SEGA because their resume will be stuck with the crappy SEGA games they were forced to deal with to begin with. So really, its best that SEGA just goes away before they get inspired to follow the EA route.

      Heck, Konami is treating their employees badly so how else can Konami fix their image?

      Better yet, how the hell can Konami get back to their senses after going through what happened last year? Its simply too late for that to happen.

      Nintendo is even better than SEGA because they value their employees. Sure, they also had job cuts in the past, but nowhere as foolish as SEGA or EA.

    • Aki-at says:

      So you speak for everyone who likes JRPG? Talk about an over inflated ego.

      You’re really being dense about how labour work, aren’t you? Naka also left to be independent, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the company.

      Media Vision aren’t SEGA employees, they’re contractors. Learn the difference.

      Haha if you think SEGA employees haven’t mode onto bigger or better things. But you’re stupid bias is showing, stop acting so childesh.

      There you go with the Nintendo cheerleading, listen if you love them so much, go back to that Nintendo blog that chased you out.

    • Artwark says:

      Yeah. Maybe I will.

  10. Ben says:

    I’m hoping that this demo was based off a veryyyyyy early build.

    Graphics don’t look good, (the pixelated grass is ridiculous) and the gameplay seems simplistic.

    Never played a Valkyria game before, but based on this I’m more interested in VC1 REmaster.

  11. SkyBlue says:

    What’s with all the despair of the demo’s gameplay?

    I don’t think this demo is going to represent the game by the end of it, just like Final Fantasy XV with that demo that came out last year. (looks like an Alpha build, to which fans can create feedback on and see where to go from there).

    Between this and Star Fox Zero, I would worry more about the latter.

    Festering on bad thoughts on the demo will only promote the typical “lol SEGA sux” you see elsewhere. The positive I see is that if the fans do hate the alpha build of this demo (I would call it more something to entice the fans on what they are still working on), then that can only be good if they take the feedback seriously. It’s like concept art. It isn’t always pretty but it gives you an idea of the final direction early on.

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