Shenmue 3 update shows off in-game environments

Above is early footage of Shenhua’s house from the upcoming Shenmue 3. The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter also sent out various photos of these environments (which you can see below) giving you a closer look at how far the game’s graphics have come along compared to what they showed previously. The Shenmue Dojo twitter account also did a side by side comparison of Shenua’s house from Shenmue 2 to Shenmue 3 and it seems like everything is where we last left it 15 years ago.

I’m not really sold on the over use of lighting, but its looking rather impressive so far for being this early into development. I really can’t wait to see more updates, so far color me surprise. What do you guys think of Shenmue 3‘s new environments? Let us know in the comments below!


7 responses to “Shenmue 3 update shows off in-game environments

  1. Centrale says:

    Looks good to me. The re-creation of Shenhua’s house is really accurate to how it originally appeared. Everything has a feeling of continuity from the original Shenmue games, with updated tech. I love it!

  2. Tad says:

    Yup. Looks wonderful so far.

  3. George says:

    Maybe they like it? I dunno.

  4. George says:

    Considering the kickstarter stated it wouldn’t come out till December 2017 (estimate), they still have a long ass time to deliver. 8 months in development is nothing. Next time a publisher rushes a game, think about how you’re feeling right now. You invested what? 100 dollars? 60? Imagine spending over 80 million and almost a half decade to release Shenmue 1 on DC and it flopped.

    • Red says:

      There’s no need to be hostile, George. I just wish to see more than motionless renders of areas which are really just glorified concept art at this point. And it’s pretty much all we’ve seen since the KS campaign started. They don’t even have a final design for Ryo ready yet.

      You said it yourself, it took them half a decade and a lot more money to make Shenmue. Now they only have 22 months and far less cash to deliver on all the promises and so far we’ve seen nothing substantial. The industry has changed, development costs have gone up and people generally expect a much higher level of quality and refinement than before. Being clunky and rough around the edges like the original Shenmue was is not an option anymore.

      Honestly I’d be far less skeptical if they had Nagoshi on board and used the Yakuza engine, making a full-scope Shenmue game from scratch in 2 years is quite a task and Suzuki has a lot of promises to fulfill. I mean, ~26% of their estimated development time has passed and we’re still getting promises of future content.
      Suzuki promised us a game worthy of the franchise and a lot of people trusted him with their money, George. This is no place to be an apologist, because if Suzuki doesn’t deliver, it’s ultimately OUR loss only. WE funded the game, not Sega or their investors with their 80 million.

    • George says:

      How am I being hostile? If you think I was being hostile, sorry but that wasn’t my intention.

      The issue when comparing Shenmue 1 development to this is, that Shenmue created a lot of stuff that didn’t exist at the time and had to be build from scratch. Notice how Shenmue II came out less than two years after the original? Even offered way more stuff to do. Unreal 4 already has a lot of tools built into the engine that they will need.

      But I do agree that to deliver a AAA console product will need more funding, which I have stated before. This will be a reduced version of his vision. The fans nagged him into doing a KickStarter and he got the money he got. According to people here he could have done ‘100 million’ easy. I think fans should have been more realistic.

      We shall see. I don’t want to call it a bust without seeing gameplay footage or even playing it, it would be a disservice to Yu Suzuki. But like I stated before, when was the last time he delivered on a huge game? I love him to death, don’t get me wrong but he did have titles at SEGA be canceled… why would they invest money and just throw it away?

      We shall see.

  5. am2model3 says:

    shenmue3, a dreamcast come true! this will be the game….of my life!

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