SEGA News Bits: Fantasy Zone turns 30 years old

2016 is filled with milestone SEGA anniversaries, and one of the most anticipated by us – for obvious reasons – was Fantasy Zone! Join us on this SEGA News Bits as we discuss our thoughts on the franchise’s past, present and future.

Released to arcades on March 28, 1986, the Fantasy Zone franchise has released a surprising amount of games in its 30 year history. Despite the many titles, the story often remains the same: the sentient spaceship Opa Opa traverses the Fantasy Zone, sometimes joined by his brother Upa Upa, battling bizarre bosses and upping his arsenal thanks to a floating Parts Shop. Outside the franchise, Opa Opa has made appearances in both All-Stars Racing games as well as Amusement Visions’ Planet Harriers, a 3D installment in the Space Harrier franchise which also takes place in Opa Opa’s Fantasy Zone.

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3 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Fantasy Zone turns 30 years old

  1. SamuraiNeko says:

    My favorite entry of the Fantasy Zone series is the arcade version of Fantasy Zone II. The reason being that M2 went in-depth with the story as well as making the gameplay more solid, the Opa-Opa karma meter like uh….. when you clear a bright stage, you will begin to notice him going evil and when you clear a dark stage, he becomes happy. The music is pretty touchy and very awesome sounding. The dialogue at the beginning of every stage. Last but not least, the endings. The dark ending mentions Harrier, an ESP warrior, and Uriah, the King of Dragonland, who approached the Fantasy Zone to fight Opa-Opa, who became the villain and brought chaos to the Fantasy Zone. At the end of the dark ending, Harrier was reffered to as, “6th moon the last.” I don’t know what that means. The bright ending is where Opa-Opa learns the truth of his past and the war that occured during his childhood is when he developed a personality of vice and virtue. He sheds a tear of joy and vows that war will never again occur.
    Bonus: One aspect that I liked is Link Loop Land. Essentially, the endless mode of Fantasy Zone II W.

  2. Tasteofink says:

    Did u guys know fantasy zone was on nes my brother had this version it says tengen on it as publisher any info on this weird sega to Nintendo port ?

  3. Kif.I says:

    Think my 2 favs are Galactic Protector and Super fantasy Zone. Such a great series of games:D

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