SEGA Europe announces free Mega Drive Classics Hub for Steam, releasing April 28

The latest episode of SEGA Central, SEGA Europe’s video series covering SEGA happenings in Europe, have just revealed SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub, a free Steam digital hub which allows for an updated way to view and access SEGA Mega Drive games available for the service. The hub is a digital recreation of a 90s kid’s bedroom, complete with an old TV, Mega Drive console, shelf of games and various SEGA collectibles. It also appears this European kid clearly was not a Fleetway fan and decided to import the Archie series instead. The hub also features various settings for both Mega Drive games and and the room itself. The hub is free and releases April 28th to Steam. No word on if the hub is a European exclusive or not, or if it will be retitled to Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Classics Hub if it ends up releasing to the Americas.

Also worth noting, SEGA Europe now has their own news page at Meanwhile, US news will continue to be posted at the SEGA Blog which will remain more US-centric. The division makes sense, given SEGA of America and SEGA Europe don’t always release the same products or have the same promotions.

After the break, check out the trailer for SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub.


8 responses to “SEGA Europe announces free Mega Drive Classics Hub for Steam, releasing April 28

  1. Bowling says:

    We don´t have already the collection on Steam? Why this again? 😐

  2. Dja says:

    The golden era is honestly the best thing to promote and hopefully build upon

    • LenticularLeo says:

      The ‘Golden era’ as in the Sega vs Nintendo of the 90s?

    • Dja says:

      Golden era for Sega exclusively. Not only in sales, but also in quality. They’re games from the genesis times are imho better than nintendo’s. And this comes from someone who prefers nintendo over any other publisher today

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