NIS America and Atlus no longer working together to release games in Europe


MCV is reporting that publisher NIS America will no longer be distributing Japanese Atlus titles to Europe. The reason given is that since SEGA acquired Atlus, it has become harder for NIS America and Atlus to work together. All this comes from NIS America’s managing director Takuro Yamashita who cited the increasing difficulties. As such, Atlus titles will not be published in Europe by NIS America and vice versa for America. Past collaborations between the two companies include distributing games in the Persona series and Etrian Odyssey. Once we learn more we’ll be sure to share it. In the meantime, head over to MCV to read more comments from NIS America.


5 responses to “NIS America and Atlus no longer working together to release games in Europe

  1. cube_b3 says:

    How are things with SOE anyways? Since his departure things have been ambiguous. Back in the tenure of Mike Hayes, Sega was functionally divided in two regions. Sega East and West.

    According to Wikipedia Jurgen Post runs SOE and John Cheng runs SOA. So I suppose they are no longer synchronized. Haven’t really seen those two give any interviews or anything notable.

  2. Monado says:

    Sega knows how to F up the whole thing. It seems like they dont even want to localise what so ever.

  3. FlareHabanero says:

    Worth noting that NIS is having general financial problems and the company as a whole is barely staying up. This is mainly because the company hasn’t had strong sales figures in years.

  4. Barry the Nomad says:

    I think NIS’s problems coupled with the fact that SEGA already has publishing in Europe is the main reason. I know SEGA Europe is getting a lot of flack for not localizing titles, but we have no clue what is planned for Atlus games. I would not be surprised if SEGA Europe publishes big name Atlus titles or works with a different company to publish them. I cannot see Persona titles falling by the wayside.

  5. Bowling says:

    Sega need to be focus on XBOX titles.

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