SEGA Dreamcast getting Zia And The Goddesses of Magic JRPG

Homebrew indie developer Orion (creator of Alice’s Mom’s Rescue) has announced that they will be bringing their upcoming 16-bit JRPG Zia And The Goddesses of Magic to SEGA Dreamcast, Sony Playstation and Windows platforms.

Here is a short description of Zia And The Goddesses of Magic from their store page:

“In a fantasy world, where the goddesses of magic are the guardians of the good, A powerful evil demon captures all the goddesses and jail them in different places where they cannot use their magic spells. Evil creatures starts populating the surrounding villages and threatens the villagers. Zia is a little girl who grows in a mountain village with her beloving parents. One day, she discover a book of magic and start training to learn how to use magic spells.

During her journey, Zia will find out about the imprisoned goddesses, and will try to free them from the evil creatures using the magic spells she will learn. Join Zia in a Journey around this mystic world, help her find the imprisoned goddesses and try to free them from the evil creatures !”



3 responses to “SEGA Dreamcast getting Zia And The Goddesses of Magic JRPG

  1. DCGX says:

    A little late to the announcement 😉

    I’m cautiously optimistic. Alice’s Mom’s Rescue is good, for a very simple platformer, but too simple. With games like Pier Solar and (hopefully sooner rather than later) Elysian Shadows, there may be better 2D RPG options out there if this game fails to set itself apart both in gameplay and style/graphics.

  2. fernandeath says:

    Zia and the Rpg Maker

    I know it’s easy to criticize other people’s work but this game looks ugly
    I hope it can get some polishment to look like ‘Pier Solar’

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