Original Sonic Adventure Sega Dreamcast website returns thanks to a true blue fan

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Remember the days of logging on to the Internet using your Sega Dreamcast? Even when games didn’t tout online multi-player, more often than not you’d encounter a webpage option which allowed you to visit the game’s website through the in-game menu. Of course, as time passed many of the Dreamcast webpages have since gone offline, into disrepair, or were bought up by some porn site. Thankfully, fan and friend of TSSMB member JmTsHaW purchased the sonic-adventure.com domain and has (mostly) restored the Sonic Adventure’s original site in all its 640 pixel wide glory! Features include the Updates Archives, Community links including Chao Gardens, Hints and Support information. Very cool to see this piece of SEGA internet history back up and running. Check it out for yourself here, bonus points if you use the Dreamcast.


3 responses to “Original Sonic Adventure Sega Dreamcast website returns thanks to a true blue fan

  1. Lenno says:

    Is it still possible to log into the original Dreamarena hub and see all the original posts and community as it was when we last left it in ’99-’01.

  2. pcwzrd13 says:

    The in-game website link actually goes to sonic.games.dreamcast.com so unfortunately this won’t fix that. Not sure if the PAL version of the game is different. Regardless, the archived website is available from multiple sources and if you use DreamPi to connect your Dreamcast to the internet, you’ll automatically be directed to one of them from within the game.

  3. retroplayers says:

    I remember accessing the original site via the Dreamcast many moons ago and accessing the Chao Daycare. Its a shame a crawl couldn’t pull all of the site / it wasn’t all indexed by the Wayback Machine to pull (or was DB driven content thats not available), but still a great feat.

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