SEGA News Bits: Yakuza 0 Business Edition Announced Reaction

Another game, another launch edition from SEGA of America. On this SEGA News Bits, George and Barry get down to business to discuss Yakuza 0 “The Business Edition” for the Playstation 4, including what it contains, how it compares to other SEGA launch editions, and how far SEGA and the Yakuza series has come since last year’s Yakuza 5.

In the comments below, let us know if “The Business Edition” makes you want to pre-order the game.

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3 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Yakuza 0 Business Edition Announced Reaction

  1. Caledon says:

    If it was announced for European markets, I’d pick it up immediacy, but well I’m picking it up anyway regardless.

  2. Lenno says:

    Will there be an option to purchase the title on a prepayment card with the download code?
    I also recently heard Sega had to pull the Castle of Illusion title and have it delisted but I see that Game are still selling the download cards with the code on them, does that mean that if you buy one, you’ll still be able to get the game even though its been delisted on the online stores?

  3. Quiet Wyatt says:

    At this point in the series, anyone buying this game are fans and will already day one it. Having this is just a nice bonus for us.

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