Pix’n Love Editions announces L’histoire de Shenmue book

Shenmue_Box_Preview_2 (SiteWeb)

Pix’n Love Editions have officially announced L’histoire de Shenmue. The book, which is entirely in French, covers the history of Shenmue and Shenmue 2, features an interview with Yu Suzuki and 50 illustrated pages. The full book will be 250 pages in length and will be released in a standard edition as well as a special Phoenix & Dragon Edition. The special edition features a jade colored slipcover featuring both iconic mirrors. Each special edition version of the book will come with a certificate of authenticity and will be individually numbered. Both are available to pre-order today, with the special edition costing about 35 euros while the standard book will cost about 25 euros. Both versions are set to release December 20th, 2016.

As mentioned, the book is entirely in French. However, Pix’n Love does have a UK store and have released select books to the US in the past. L’histoire de Sonic, for example, later saw an English translation. No word yet on L’histoire de Shenmue receiving the same treatment, but if it does we will let you all know!


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