Atlus’ “Project Re Fantasy” first artwork and details revealed

Project-Re-Fantasy-01510A few days ago we told you that Atlus was working on a new fantasy based JRPG which would be developed by a new in-house team called Studio Zero and would be lead by in-house veteran designers. We now have more details on Atlus’ “Project Re Fantasy” which is the current title for the project. We do know that the game won’t be related to previous property and take place in a fantasy setting unlike their other Atlus games that take place in a modern world. Persona series producer and director Katsura Hasino, Persona artist Shigenori Soejima, and composer Shoji Meguro will all be working on the project.

Atlus’ “Project Re Fantasy” will have a live stream on December 23 at 20:00 JST (3am PST) and after that they will start large scale recruitment for the title. Seems that the project is still a ways off. Weekly Famitsu had an interview with Atlus’ company director and Studio Zero creative producer which you can read a translated version after the jump.

Below are scans of Atlus’ “Project Re Fantasy” Weekly Famitsu coverage:

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Regarding the goal of establishing a new studio

Hiraoka: “Originally, as a mid-term plan of Atlus, we had wanted to establish a studio with the goal of creating a new IP and aim even higher. In these several years, the people whom we could entrust with it always seemed to be busy, but we wondered if we can trust it to Hashino, who finished up Persona 5.

Regarding Soejima and Meguro’s involvement on the project

Hiraoka: “Soejima is an indispensable member of the Persona series staff, but we don’t want his work to stop there. Meguro is the same. Both will continue to participate in the Persona series in the future.

“We’re steadily developing other titles behind the scenes, including the Persona series. We plan to announce future titles in the new year, without keeping you waiting too long.”

Why did Studio Zero decide to take on the fantasy genre?

Hashino: “Until now, since the time fantasy went mainstream, Atlus has dared to create series set in contemporary times and cherished its stance of aiming to counter the typical. The series works from Persona 3 an onwards are the exact products of such thought. I had always held the thought that I someday want to challenge the traditional genre and deliver a title uniquely Atlus.”

Can you give us a hint about the visual you unveiled?

“The visual we released at this time is concept art to share our frame of mind. The character in the illustration made for the cover isn’t necessarily the protagonist either.”

More information: 


  • There are three imageboards in the magazine. There’s a group of soldiers confronting a dragon to illustrate “building new ideas based on things from the past”; four people and a dog riding in a carriage to illustrate “bonds”; and a red-haired elf girl with a blonde boy on a horse to illustrate a “journey.”

  • Shigenori Soejima is part of a newly established “Atlus Artwork Team.”

  • Studio Zero’s logo is a journeying boy on a tarot card with a “0” on it, which means “fool.”

  • According to Hashino, “While the supported hardware is currently undecided, we’re making this for those who like home console games and love Atlus games. I think it will require a reasonable amount of time to complete, but we’re all working to deliver something exciting, so I want you to look forward to it.”


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8 responses to “Atlus’ “Project Re Fantasy” first artwork and details revealed

  1. ELLY says:

    Atlus you have my blessing 🙂
    Atlus is on a different page, compare to sega if look what sega is putting out for the consumer and what atlus is doing.
    I think for other 3 years sega can’t compete with atlus, endless sega strikes back with, i also think that the new ip will be for ps4 and switch maybe a pc port down the line or xbx1. ( am calling it right now)…. pactor jr … lol
    A) the next Valkyria Chronicle game (made by the people that did the first one)

    B) Skies of Arcadia (made internally)

  2. ELLY says:

    I know that, but it will be strange when the main company (sega) produces less than atlus. The same can be said when squareenix got a hold of cristal dynamics. They where the one that bring tomb raider, hitman etc games on consoles, where in that year squareenix didn’t put games out that year, but instead bitch about poor sales coming from does games. So i am curious to see how sega is going to handle a situation when that passes by.

    • Trippled says:

      Sega actually produces more and bigger games than Atlus does. If you include arcade and mobile they are definitly tripple the size of Atlus.

  3. Hope says:

    Sega is a disgracefull company that basically counts on totalwar series. And once in a while sonic. I dont like atlus at all. But i like dem vanillaware games princess crown dragon crown odin sphere muramasa. And seeying this game being 3dimensional takes it to the next level. The artwork resembles dragon crown so there is inspiration from vanillaware no doubt. Sega should be ashamed really. They are still making fans hate them more and run away. Even yet they say they will all they can to replenish this fanbase. Atlus does what it does make games in a synchronic and loyal way. Sega makes games if your liucky and with a scam way where you buy a broken game and it never get patched. Long story. But this atlus game is interesting

  4. Hope says:

    Nah man. Dont like showing y face to the world

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