SEGA releases Sonic Forces Classic Sonic gameplay footage – updated with new screens!

SEGA has just released over a minute of gameplay showcasing Classic Sonic’s Green Hill Zone stage in Sonic Forces and… tell me again why this was said to not be Sonic Generations 2? The clip should feel very familiar to those who played the 20th anniversary game back in 2011, right down to the models and assets, though there are a few alterations. The background features a sandy area and enemies are new. Also, the music is new to my ears, though I swear I caught a whiff of Sonic 4‘s Splash Hill Zone.

Eagle eyed fans may catch a glimpse of a bubble shield and it appears Sonic performs a Drop Dash, Sonic Mania‘s signature move, at 1:25.

Check it out for yourself and share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, after the break check out some newly released screens!


3 responses to “SEGA releases Sonic Forces Classic Sonic gameplay footage – updated with new screens!

  1. Dja says:

    That was painful to watch

  2. harakiri says:

    this is so bad. the way he runs towards the edge resulting in flying high like the ol green hill zone. the physics back then were so perfect in the 90’s. it actually looks damn a lot like sonic 4 ep 1 physics. i do not mean style but physics. also the level is very bald and gives the impression of a free to play mobile game. you run and run and then you get to choose if you want to g higher or lower parts. but it is just run run.
    what we have here is a combo of the first impression which clearly looks like sonic dash. and now we have this that looks like sonic runner only ofcourse you get to move freely left and right higher or lower. very painfull indeed dja. i have my bets on sonic mania. that game clearly is the superior sonic in a long while/ my money has been flushing in the toilet to much . sonic LW and sonic Boom and all thos raggedy marginal mobile games and now this. Notice how sonic walks and sometimes does not even touch the enemies and they allready explode. this is horrible i swear. really dissapointing. i am not gonna buy this game. it is clearly bad. but thank god we have sonic mania. you see those fans deliver so much better. sonic mania and the streets of rage remake make me happy. i rather have it all 3d. but sega’s inhouse and the noobish sonic team saks ess in making 3d sonics. what happened with the perfect formula? sonic heroes was great sonic adv 1 and 2 were great. how did they bail out like this?

  3. Angelo says:

    I’m still looking forward to this game, and Mania too, but does Green Hill really need to be in both of them? I appreciate the little twists and variations on them but this constant revisitation is getting ridiculous.

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