This is how SEGA’s games will start moving forward

SEGA is synonymous with many things, but the most notable would have to be the startup logo. In the console days, systems like the Master System, SEGA CD, Saturn and Dreamcast had their own startup logo. But once the game began, you’d be treated to the SEGA logo. How the SEGA logo appeared often differed from game to game, but in the later years – especially once SEGA went third party – things became more uniform. From around 2005 to the past year we had the swoosh and deep voiced “SEGA” logo for most games. Most games featured this, though there has been exceptions (Alien: Isolation, Yakuza 0, Puyo Puyo Tetris to name a few). According to Sam Mullen, Senior Localization Producer for SEGA products at Atlus USA, the swoosh and low voice is no more and the above eye is the new logo ident moving forward.

The eye first appeared in a SEGA of Japan video titled “Branding Movie”, seen after the break, which should have a subtitled version coming soon according to Sam. The video shows SEGA’s Chief Product Officer (and Monkey Ball and Yakuza creator) Toshihiro Nagoshi on a computer looking at the human eye. He then reflects on SEGA’s games and identity as he drives around Japan looking out the window. We see people interacting with SEGA products in their daily lives. We then see Nagoshi analyzing the brand with staff through meetings and tests and then the words “Amazing SEGA” appear on screen before the eye ident closes things off.

Clearly SEGA of Japan have put time and energy into this new startup, the question is what is the reasoning for the change? What do you think of the new startup? Sound off in the comments below.

It was mentioned in the SEGAbits Discord that “cega” in Portuguese means “blind”, so to put “SEGA” in an eye should be pretty funny to those who speak the language. It reminds me of the urban legend, which is actually false, of the Chevy Nova translating to “does not go” (no va) and hurting the car company (it actually didn’t). I don’t think SEGA has anything to worry about, but it is funny. Hey, maybe SEGA is so brilliant that it will make you go blind!


18 responses to “This is how SEGA’s games will start moving forward

  1. Ikagura says:

    Thanks, please make an effort valorising your old IPs

  2. Tad says:

    Reminds me of the old Virgin media indent from the 90s:

  3. herbir says:

    Amen to this. Amen

  4. Stephen Samuel Madison says:

    SEGA truly is the best. And I love how much they really want to become relevant again. I think we’re in for a good year for SEGA, as well as it’s fast blue mascot!

  5. celsowm says:

    Yeah we have a lot of fun stories here in Brazil thanks to the “SEGA !!!” pronunciation. I remember one of them was about a religious mom trying to exorcise the mega drive because she thought that was the demon itself shouting: “BLIND !!!”

    Remebering that portuguese is a “gender oriented” language , so “cega” is for women (ela é cega) and “cego” is for men (ele é cego)

  6. Polen says:

    I hope see something in the next months. I’m watching you sega 😉

  7. Robbie says:

    I don’t like the new startup TBH. The swoosh logo one was perfect.

  8. AMGermany says:

    I simply like it.

  9. AMGermany says:

    I simply like it.

  10. AMGermany says:

    I simply like it.

  11. AMGermany says:

    I simply like it

  12. Here is your yearly reminder that SEGA means “to masturbate” in Italian, so YES, blindness from too much SEGA may indeed be a possibility if the old legends prove true. I was at a guest at a convention recently and one of the other guests was international cosplay queen Giada Robin, who happens to be an Italian from Italy. Needless to say she had a big ol’ laugh about me being ‘SEGA’ World Champion. XD

  13. Adam says:

    I like it.

  14. Tdixpix says:

    Weighing in with a like. Attention grabbing, interesting, and so like the image you’d see along with a SEGA Scream during one of those 90’s TV ads

  15. BMS says:

    The eye of SEGA!

  16. Icystorm9 says:

    The eye is alright, but I really liked the logo they had during the 360 days. It was colorful and fun to watch. The eye is just…. eh.

  17. Kevin says:

    I like this logo a lot. Question is: which’ll be the first game with this startup logo?

    My choice of predictions: New Sonic game, Daytona Championship USA port (Xbox One, PS4, Switch), new Yakuza game

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