Survey: Tell us your favorite Persona 5 character

We’re running a special survey for Persona 5 to find out what characters are fan favorites! All you need to do is start the survey, seen above, and make one selection or write in a character from the game that is missing from the list. The survey will run until this Friday, but we ask those who want to take it to take it sooner than later.

So what are you waiting for? Take the survey already!


6 responses to “Survey: Tell us your favorite Persona 5 character

  1. localaaron says:

    Literally can’t believe Kawakami wasn’t in the survey. Incredibly disappointed in you.

  2. Prowolf says:

    Where can I get that image in 1080×1920? Really would like it as a background.

  3. Dennis Livingston says:

    Makoto, best waifu.

  4. Kogorn733 says:

    I loved all of the characters, but Futaba was my favorite. She had the most interesting story arc, she really grew in personality and character as the game progressed, and was responsible for most of my “laugh out loud” moments in the game. At that’s without even romancing her (which I might do in my New Game + playthrough)–picked Ann first time.

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