Sonic Forces “Enter Infinite” Trailer Released

The Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube account has released a new trailer for Sonic Forces showcasing some cutscenes featuring the new villain Infinite. Worth pointing out, that we also get a glimpse of additional stages from the game. All the previously revealed villains make appearances as well in Park Avenue, which lines up with past reveals. So we will likely see all the villains right after the first stage. What are your thought on the trailer, sound off in the comments!


4 responses to “Sonic Forces “Enter Infinite” Trailer Released

  1. Rastamadeus says:

    Can’t get past how utterly terrible the music is. Completely off putting.

  2. ZeroDL says:

    sound like Cam Clarke. as usual 😛

  3. Jaeger says:

    Literally everything wrong with sonic in one video.

  4. Cherok says:

    I dunno, I think that the throwback ‘Linkin Park’s rock him hop thing is good for Sonic. Cheesy to older fans, but we’re not exactly the target audience anymore.

    It’s catchy, and unique in the realm of platformer characters.

    It makes sense that Sonic is so popular these days.

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