AtGames SEGA Genesis Sound Issues Fixed via Fan Hack

If you guys have heard us discuss the AtGames SEGA Genesis plug-in-play boxes that they reship to stores every year, you probably noticed that we are harsh on them for having bad emulation. One of the worse offenders from the company is the in-game sound from their unit. You can even check out a full review from My Life With SEGA where he demonstrates how bad the sound really is.

It seems that this fix will work with both AtGames Genesis machines with a SD slot and the newly released Brazilian TecToy Mega Drive since both of these machines share the same processor. It seems TecToy will apply this as an update on their devices while AtGames hasn’t said anything. Maybe they don’t care?

How to:

  • Download latest version of MDI Hack
  • Put both files from the rar inside the games folder
  • Go to main menu and choose Neto_Boot_Loader.BIN, play it as you would any game.
  • Done: No more bad sound

You can check out the differences in sound from the video above. Thanks for Usagijojo on our Discord for bringing this up. Give it a try, its not perfect but its a lot better than what you had.


3 responses to “AtGames SEGA Genesis Sound Issues Fixed via Fan Hack

  1. DmnSonic says:

    Forgot to mention the authors of the project… Neto and Rafael Müller made improvements on the new Mega Drive and Neto just changed some pointers to run on ATGames Genesis, here called MD Play.

  2. Bård Baadstø Ildgruben says:

    Is there no way to fix the non-portable AtGames Genesis? I would love it if someone found a hack for that. Also I would love to remove the crap games that were included.

  3. William says:

    If you have a Genesis Everdrive (the SD card cartridge) then maybe you could achieve the same effect by putting all the Neto information on that card along with the games. The cartridges in the console would be like the games on the portable Genesis’ SD card (outside the fixed menu): unchanged. And the pre-installed games on the console would be just like the pre-installed games on the portable as well: also unchanged. But perhaps the games in the fixed menu on the SD card would sound proper.

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